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  • Hey dude, its been forever since ive been on here. We used to talk and I'd like to reconnect. Hit me up
    Everything you said in the PM, was 100% TRUE... especially the jackass part. LOL. :)
    Hey, just got your VM! :p LOL - Aside from that, yeah; $60 to spend on ONLY one effect is really not worth it. Out of all the possibilites using the SRConcept, I truly like using it with cards... just because I believe it makes sense to have a physical object help disguise the procedures behind the effect.
    Yo, just got the PM! I'll send you another PM with my thoughts about the location of the set, and that's where I'm stuck also! Although, I do like the premise of SR, it's just that you need to cleverly disguise the Suit Procedure with a STRONG presentation, or else it's going to seem like it's forced. I'll send my PM, by tonight or by tomorrow morning, but WE NEED to IM and COLLAB on this!
    Hey, just got your PM! Want to IM about SR, because it would be alot easier to communicate it like that way then through PM, lol, but yeah, I'll describe more about it in the PM.
    Damn... haha, it's 11:06 so I knew it was coming, but I asked because I had nothing else to do, lol. But at least I'll be having some fun tonight! ;) And what I mean by that is Modern Warfare 2 on Playstation Network-playing live, WOOT!!! LOL
    LOL; glad you, your friends, and family are laughing their heads off! Haha... and I agree that the guy behind DER is a comical genius. HAHAHAHA, seriously no matter how may times I also read the Soccer Escort email, I still find it very,very,very funny.
    It's a MUST READ, lol. Also, can you IM tonight? Also, been putting together a new ebook!
    Cool, I'll have to try it out! Also, I wish there was some 'Vacation Mode' where you could have your account logged in all the time, and gain 10 points a day just for being logined (sp?), lol... it could make things a lot easier. Also, been reading the poem, THE RAVEN by Poe and wow, this poem is AMAZING.
    Yeah, you can't even see the packets flinch, lol. Also, do tell about the extras for SB; haven't logged in in awhile, but some of the stuff is expensive there, haha; like a set of 8 pens you can buy for less then a dollar is about 500+ points, WOW.
    Seriously, that's one hell of a PASS... pretty glad that t11 decided to release this, as also excited to see JE execute the PASS.
    Haha, at first I was like, I don't know a Casey, and how the heck did he get my email... this is spam, lol and then I read the bottom about you being CC, lol... sounds cool, I'll do it, though. Also, can you IM for a few minutes, I'm bored atm, haha
    Haha, yeah; the test itself was pretty easy, I'm sure you'll have no problem passing it. And the weather here is about the same; first it's sunny, then cloudly, then cold, then it starts raining, then it's sunny... it's been happening like this now for like 3-4 months-it's crazy.
    Haha, true. And I also took the CAHSEE last month, on the 1st of Feb. Lastly, yeah; Spring Break should arrive sooner.
    Yeah, ok lol. Exactly, only if we could just go back in time, sigh... or you think to yourself, "I could have done this" or "I should have said this (to her)"... man I wish I could go back. Gotcha, CC... I, too, have to finish up some stuff, and about school... tell me about it, haha.
    Haha, I know what you meant, CC! :p Also, yeah... sometimes I wish I could go back in time and just redo everything. Also, have you ever been in a situation, and then later thought back to it, and said... I wish I could redo it! or I should have said this, or added that, ect!? Ahhh... yeah, I'll send you the PDF later! ;) Can you IM for a few minutes?
    All? Lol Glad you had fun! I used to live in Vegas before, at that time I didn't know "MAGIC" existed, haha. Also, I've been working on a wicked 'ACAAN'-been working at it for 2 months now.
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