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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • Yeah, CardClip... what a stupid name! ;) Haha And I just looked over the photos and they looked like they were taken by a professional, honestly! Looked like a fun trip, though.
    Haha, didn't know you changed your username... and your avatar! :)
    100% true, 'Extreme Burn (2.0)' wins by far!

    Yeah, haha... wonder what that was all about.
    Pretty weird experience on TinyChat. Someone comes in as 'mentalist', and this is what he said," You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept others' opinions without satisfactory proof. " After that, I tell him what member he is on the forums, he then replies by saying, "What forum", and then he leaves. Hm... I wonder who he was, how he found the link, why he entered inside, said something out of the blue, and left...
    Yeah, EB 2.0 looks like it's the ONLY way to go.

    Haha, I like the Mr. Nice Guy and ExplosionSayWhat? ones, haha
    Yo! Check this out-

    *This is pretty funny, too!
    *Made for the magician! :p
    *Say what? ;)
    *How could Santa do such a thing?!
    *This one gave my a laugh.
    *Ok, last one!
    *Ok, this is the last one!
    *For real this time!
    *This one was WAY to funny to not post!
    *Just two more..
    *Last one...!
    Haha, yeah, I think it was KingOfSpades07!

    Just search the name on google or look on the product page of Penguin! :)
    Haha, yeah!

    Can't remember my first username, though! Lol But I had; V. | Inferno Kaiser| and now Jv!

    Also, I'm soooooo interested in 'The Manchurian Approach''s on top of my list! SUPER-DUPER interested! Haha :)
    Ok, I will look into it! :)

    Also, changed my name again, haha, lol
    I just saw the crappiest review for the 'Stealth Pen' over at Penguin! ;) By some loser name CC928, maybe he should post his review here! :D

    Actually, one of the best reviews I've read, better then anyones I've written, haha! :) Thanks to that review, no lie, I'm really interested in the 'Stealth Pen' now!
    Darn those essays! Haha, normally for me, I have to write about 2-4 a day!But I'm taking a break at the moment, lol...well, whenever you can go on, then go on! Haha
    I'm bored! Can you IM for awhile? I can probably be on for only an hour, though!
    Haha...I've only heard great things from Osterlind. Also, I believe I've read, he performs an awesome coin bend from what I've heard, or was that Banachek? Hm...haha
    Haha, it's either $200 watch or nothing, lol

    Found a few other sites, linked from RandomComics and Bizarro. Here a few comics:

    *This one
    *And this one
    *This one too
    *That one
    *Oh, and this other one, too
    *And also this one
    *Dont forget this one

    Also, don't forget to check out the site!
    Haha...I've been hearing only great things from Looch. I believe I have his SAD book around here somewhere, haha.

    It held some pretty good material.

    Also, true-- hw+friends=a living hell to maintain, haha.

    Yeah, they're pretty funny, lol. My favorite is the 'Invisible Man' and 'Good Reason', lol.
    Yo! Dude! Check out these other funny comics and tell me what you think!








    And don't forget to search the site, haha.
    Yeah, I think we can speak for everybody when we say going to school sucks, haha, but actually it's kind of fun, though...who knew?! Lol

    Cool, never done a watch prediction, haha.

    I'm looking into a few effects as well, but I'm lacking the money to do so... :'(
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