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  • Hey casey ... why i can't send you a private message ?
    Gami the great
    Hi I posted a link for the snc but I don’t think you can click it so I sent theory11 support an email with the video that works but I don’t know if they saw it if there’s some way you can see it please do!
    Hey man! Im a 17 year old card fiddler from New Zealand and I was wondering, is there any way that I could learn the Acetone switch, I have just seen it tonight and it looks so sick!
    I have no idea how it's done...

    Hi Casey I won this S.N.C I was wondering can I buy a t-shirt and you add it to the prize package because the custom fees are (200 L.E) and I can't pay it twice so please can you do this for me

    Hear from you soon
    Hi, I love magic and designing. I was wondering do you need anything designing? I could show you my portfolio and everything. Please add my skype Haarismalik14 so we could text there because it would be easier. I could make multiple backgrounds and you could see if you like them and if you do and use it maybe i could get something in return because i do charge, however I could accept anything because i love magic.

    Thanks, Haaris
    Hey Casey - I sent you a PM yesterday. I have some questions about profile maintenance. Can you have a look at it and get back to me?


    Hey Casey! tired of Joeybeast.
    could you change my name to simply
    Joey.Gabriel or Joey.Ventriere
    surprise me! Lol
    Hey! just wanted to wish you a great happy birthday!! Hope you have fun! Send me something! :p
    Casey, just wanted to say hi and thanks for noticing. I'm a bit on and off these days - I've actually been busy studying and traveling in the States the past few months. Always good to pop in and see familiar faces, though!
    Thanks for reminding me when a deck is done. I was wondering why I couldn't manage a shapeshifter or why my deck didnt have a nice snap to it. Feels awesome to have a new deck in my hands... keeping the old one to remind me when to throw a deck out!
    Awwwww, why did you closed the "wire" thread? It wasn't doing harm to anyone, and we are bringing the old crew toguether :D
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