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    Deck Test Update

    Well, the damn things keep dropping branches on power lines out here. They piss me off. We clearly have too many of them anyway.
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    Magician Skateboarders?

    Right here. (And, uh, real skaters don't say "rip"... except ironically.) Don't be afraid. Try every trick you think of, even if you don't have a clue how to do it, and don't be afraid you'll get hurt or look stupid. Well, be reasonable, and don't do things that might... you know, kill...
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    Sleight of Hand Artist

    There is no actual test for whether you're a sleight of hand artist. The only thing it means is that you're generally recognised as using a lot of sleight of hand and doing it well. The way you become one is for other people to start saying it about you. The way you get them to do...
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    Some Thoughts On Magic Theory

    Nope. I described a magician too lazy to perfect his act, and too arrogant to keep it off the stage. I don't think you'll ever understand that concept. You're so far off base, I simply don't have time to explain it to you. But good luck with your "design for the layman" strategy. I'm sure...
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    Brown Wynn's Review

    They feel midway between Vipers and Bees, to me. I love Vipers, hate Bees, and overall think the brown Wynns are pretty good. Have to agree on the jumbo index, though. Don't like it.
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    Music That song assaulting your ears is "The Goatriders Horde". I prefer "Trial of Champions", myself, but all their stuff is in this same vein.
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    Guardians Gaff Deck

    Well, if we're talking Guardian wish lists, I think it would be cool if Guardians didn't have one-way backs. I just had someone accuse me of using marked cards earlier today, and since I'd never noticed Guardians have a one-way back, I was completely flustered. The good news is I just looked...
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    The Best Forces?

    That's what I do all the time. You never know when some sort of weird thing will happen; I did an underspread force once, and the spectator let go of the card and said "sorry, that's the wrong one". Not much you can do then except let him choose another card, so you're left with card control or...
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    February 08 :: Books Vs. Video

    If I claim that I like orange juice because I have more orange genes than blue ones, the explanation may be completely insane, but it doesn't mean I don't actually like orange juice. The student has a problem - a real problem, and one which only he can see - which he is simply not equipped...
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    The Best Forces?

    If you don't have 100% success with the classic force, then in my opinion you have no business using anything else. Getting the classic force right uses certain basic psychological and social instincts that you need to develop if you want to be any good as a magician. Just keep using the classic...
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    New information on Daniel Madison's Change

    Which that person will proudly display to Daniel, who will say "that's right, that's how I did it!" - before running off to practice that method, produce his DVD, and reward the actual inventor of the trick with a free autographed copy. Everybody gets what they want and is happy, but DM...
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    Theory11 Tricks

    We discuss effects here all the time, without exposure and without difficulty, whether they were purchased here or not. I don't see why that needs to be changed. Penguin has a financial interest in this. If you buy the effect anywhere except Penguin, you don't get access to the forum, so you...
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    Invented... or not

    I think to most people, that would sound pretentious and condescending. They wouldn't hear "I've done my homework and I'm creative", but "you don't know squat and you suck". That's not a good way to teach people. "Look, you're an idiot, okay? Here, I'll make you a little smarter." How...
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    Best MisDirection Tools, Tips, and Tricks?

    Basic psychology. When you look somewhere, your audience will usually look there, too. One guy burning your hands? Speak directly to him. He'll look up to make eye contact, and the rest of the audience will look at him. If all else fails, any time you say the word "look" while...
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    What is Mentalism to you?

    To me, mentalism is the branch of magic that appears to use no props or gimmicks, relying entirely on the magician's apparent mental prowess. You can, of course, use sleight of hand or a prepared prop or a gimmick to accomplish the effect. The important part is that your presentation...
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