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  • The show features traditional magic, demonstrations of sleight of hand, and mind reading. However, those are just a means to an end. The show is really about creating an intimate space where someone's guests get caught up and lost in a moment of fun. I create a party during the show where all of us leave having seemingly shared something that never happened before and will never happen again.

    That's The Soiree.
    Hi, Cedric.

    The Soiree is an intimate, theater style show. Meaning, it's not like strolling or hospitality style magic where you just do tricks all night. It's a real show with a beginning, middle and end - it's just a very small show, suitable for about 20 people.

    The show lasts about an hour, and I stick around after as part of the experience to interact with the guests; answering questions, performing further demonstrations, being charming.

    Basically the service I provide is I allow someone to give their guests the experience of having spent substantial, focused, quality time with a real magician. We end up talking a lot about card cheating, psychics, psychological mind reading, magic history, philosophy, etc.
    Thanks Ced, All is well...except having to work on my birthday (took last Friday off instead).

    Hope everything's going well on your end, I'll be in touch
    You should check out this thread, it got like 4 votes, and 8 replys within the first minute it was up. I wasnt even done editing it when someone took the poll and replyed.
    Nah man.
    We had problems with DisturbReality cause I opened a student account, and cancelled the one used to pay for the site.
    So if you sent it to those email addresses then that's why we didn't get them.
    Since then we aint done anything with the site either. Might release some stuff in the new year.
    If you send whatever you had over to my personal email address, then I will take a read :D
    I'm contacting here to give YOU an update...check out my 'Album' on my 'Profile'.

    Inferno Kaiser
    Hey -CT-! Just a friendly reminder that I've not revieved your essay yet, and there's only a few days left to submit it! Best of luck to you in the contest!
    Very cool...I'm also about to release my new effect Caliber very, very soon.

    Also, I've been working on a "Card Stab" myself, inspired by Reza's "Switchblade".

    Get on the Yahoo I.M. so when can talk...it be great,

    Inferno Kaiser
    Haven't been updating me with your effects and progress...

    So how's everything going...also, I'll be on Yahoo I.M. soon, maybe we can talk.

    Inferno Kaiser
    Everything thing is going great. Thanks for asking. Hows it going for you? Any awesome accomplishments lately?
    the explanation is there check out you e-mail box
    (no pictures sorry my camera is broken)
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