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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I havnt heard anything about this yet...but I have a bad feeling this thread will go ignored. But someone who actually knows something should really chime in at this point.
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    Ello Old Chaps

    Freshman year of college was interesting, but I have been away from the forum for a while. What did I miss ;)
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    t11.bulletin : DVR by Tony Chang - Now Available

    Oh again And a transpo? Thats not even creative Pathetic
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    Favourite deck?

    **** you!!!!!!
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    Swiffer Change

    I've seen a lot of similar changes, but it looks nice, so good work. Keep it up
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    Jonathan Bayme

    Thats why I was pointing it out, dont get your panties in a bunch
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    Is this real?

    Well the faces can still be off, but that doesnt matter as much
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    Jonathan Bayme

    He was quoting a ridiculous youtube comment
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    Magic in Danger .... !!!

    Sadly you are right..
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    a magician friend
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    Saturday Night Contest - Touched by an Angel heres mine! If this doesnt win I dont know what will..
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    Major hype!

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    Smoke and Mirrors - Price

    i have a few left if you are interested
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    The Advocate... should I buy this?

    I have always liked the advocate. It will take work, so be ready.
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    Thoughts on Little Man by Paul Harris?

    Ahh this is too bad, I was really expecting a little bit more.
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