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    What is Astonishment?

    I am from their home base in Pensacola, Florida. The Blues' lead pilot at their time was my neighbor , and the slot pilot (5) at the time gave me his old bedroom set, which my computer is sitting on currently. No matter how close to the Blues I have always been, they do the same to me as you...
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    Muscle Pass

    Ouch. For some reason I have never had any pain with this move. I'm over a foot (that's what she said) and have never had more than a faint redish tint on my thumb muscle. I made some videos a while back with some positioning pointers and how to clean up the pass. I'll see if I can find those...
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    New iPhone Effect - Mike Hankins

    :eek: Beautiful Mike. Out of the box (or out of the phone) thinking there. I am in disbelief that you shared this, this is so completely new and original that I just pee'd myself. Buying a dummy droid and doing this with a coin, card, and mentalism routine. All the best, -Chase
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    PK Ring

    even better I have the wizard and one from the above link. Supermagnetman's wins. I can buy 4 for the price of one wizard and the strength is the same. Hope this helps, -Chase
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    classic palm exercises?

    JDENredden is on the money here. I have one half-dollar that I have 24/7 on me: It has no milling whatsoever. In fact, it edge is smoother than the face of the coin itself. When I palm a milled coin it actually feels like there is glue or adhesive on the edge. Not to mention a muscle pass...
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    Playing Card Concept

    I love the theme, except in one part. I really think that the four pointed star in the center of the card completely detracts from the theme you were following. You used circles and curved lines in an amazing way, and to me the star is like a smack in the face. A bit to profound or...
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    Essential Magic Books

    This guy has the right Idea, I'd change it a little and say Mark Wilson's Complete Course Or Joshua Jay's Magic: The Complete Course (both are invaluable and amazing in their own rights) Royal Road to Card Magic Bobo's Modern Coin Magic Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz and of course: The...
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    First, to the OP, thanks for your service, we all do appreciate it. To RS, that made my day. All the best, -Chase
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    Homemade Impression Pad...?!

    Thommy Pad does sound great, but I need to find some Transparent Covered pads I guess. I checked OfficeMax today but they had none. All the best, -Chase
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    Flow by Dan Hauss REVEALED!

    Thats two amazing videos! OMGicantotallynowdoflowlikeanubercoolmagicicianhooray! Keep 'em coming. All the best, -Chase
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    Drastic Bicycle changes.

    hmmmm, I was wondering why the last deck I opened felt like sandpaper. Can someone post up a pic of the New v. Old box? I don't know what the new looks like. All the best, -Chase
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    Coin Manager

    I'll just quote Scott here, with emphasis on the 2:00 minute mark. -Chase
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    The Harbor Change REVEALED!

    Rob, that was awesome, and I loved every bit of it. I am going to reveal with a swiss army knife, a stick of chewing gum, Charlie Chaplin VHS box set, and a 1lb block of sodium (with water of course) how to perform thread. All the best, -Chase Also love the SNC idea!
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    Earthquake In Chile

    My family is from Chile. All of my relatives are unfortunately in the quake zone. Still no word from a large group of them, especially my relatives in Concepcion and Southern Santiago(all phones and internet is down). The ones I have heard from have lost absolutely everything and are...
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    Coin Vanish From Sick

    magicfreak, I think you jumped down his throat a little there at the begining. However, you do make valid points, and should clean up how you present it. Using accusatory modifiers only discredits your post (I realize you were in no way trying to sound accusatory or rash, but others may think...
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