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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • Yo,

    'Drop' is a winner in my book! Been playing around with it all day and I have to say; it's simple, visual and just plain insane.

    Any more handling tips would be greatly appreciated! Also, a review for 'Drop' will be up very soon!

    2 thumbs up!

    Can't wait to see more material from you!
    Hey been about a year since i spoke to you Chris

    hows it going? what you been upto? you still out and about performing?

    Just thought I drop by and say how are things going?

    Best wishes,

    I emailed but no reply as of yet :( Hopefully i can send you a vid of my control and a new coin thing i have been playing around with it uses the black hole concept and some coins and very modernised. Can;t wait to see Freezerburn!

    Hey dude do you have any suggestions for the cover of FOG? Once again i havent heard from Brian in a good probably month or so. (waaah) You gotta tell him you tried FOG man an liked it haha i think it might get him sparked to get working on it. =)
    DUDE im having a creative spark!!!! Just made something with coins and an rubber band!! When you are on next and i am we musdt like tiny chat it or something jsut give me a buzz!
    Thanks Dude! ill make a quick video explaining the basic idea its still 'In The Works" haha But shouldnt be to hard its really based of retention of vision and stuff i like it. i hope you do to.
    Hey Man any more news that i don't know yet?

    Haha i dont usually fidn these things out until the last minute. Oh and did you hear about The MINT (Brian Posted a fantastic video of the effect)
    I meeting up with some magicians 2morrow night for a game of poker then a magic workshop any suggestions? Haha.
    Oh and IF its not a problem would it be a hassle if i could have a copy of freezer burn? if not no worrys man. I have a new control hhaha inspired by ernesto which i would love you to see also.

    Really? Great well maybe they are filming mine now.Do you rekon you could tell them you've used it and you love it? Because i think they might like another persons input you know? Maybe as a Quote haha. Yess! FreezerBurn is on the site man good stuff. I Myself don't have a copy but i would absolutely love one man. Also i do do mentalism and i absolutely LOVE coin bends they are fantastic i would love to here some of your ideas man! Oh and i been doing some of your "Hotter" material if you know what i mean and its been getting some great reactions.

    Ending Fog with a blank facer man nice job!! Were the reactions good? I Hope so haha.
    Yes a good old E-Session Should Rock!

    Hahah Thanks Heaps Man!!

    Well I havent heard much from the guys yet Have you? But apparently DROP is released around the same time so i can't wait for that . I start holidays after 2morrow for my 2 week holidays which should be great magic magic and more magic. Playing around hopefully with some ideas which i would love you input on we should have some sort of creation session through email,msn,skype whateva!

    If you get a word from Brian or Matthew give me a yell i havent heard from them in to long.

    Haha Oh and have you got to try my effect yet? haaha

    Do you know any impromptu impression devices?
    Thanks in advance
    -I was wondering if you have a performance of Dee's Cinders T&R card effect.
    -I'm very interested in this effect, but want to see the visual and impromptu aspect.
    -Peace and Thanks in advance
    -If you haven't checked it out yet
    -I posted the review on here:
    -and at MindLapse
    -Also, if you want me to review any of your products and talk about magic any magic and hear ideas or inputs and such I'm gald to do so
    -It was a real honor to see and review an effect by you and having the oppurnity to do so
    -And I'll always check the forums and spread the words of updates and effects
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