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  • No worries man. It'll be shot. I'm opening on it to warm up :)

    It's pretty mad, makes it into almost a mentalism routine, but with the visual madness too!

    Awesome, Sounds cool :)

    I think Jay spoke to him about doing some stuff before, but I don't know where that went!:p

    Kenton's a very clever chap - I've got an amount of his work and it's simply marvelous!;)

    Yeah, UnderGround Crumpet-Core would be cool, Maybe we'll come up with some stuff to put in the NIPslip book :p

    Haha, Oh dear - You should really consider cutting back on the caffine intake :p

    *looks below*

    Still can't believe KE's never had a crumpet... I might start selling crumpets on my site, so that all the americans can taste this ambrose!

    Top class I have signed up this is proving to be quite a productive day!!

    ohh I noticed on there that theres a mentalist discussion am a huge Jermay fan got his skullduggery and was wondering if you know any if so whats you favourite effect?

    dont worry this is my last messge I promise as I understand your quite busy with website etc.
    great split spades are silky smooth handle so well tallys are by far the best decks IMO so what video did you send iin? you still got it posted anywhere for a look?>
    cheers for the tip I know you can get bikes for £1.50 i think so half the price would be good I am playing with black ghosts at the moment whenever I have black cards I dont like them to thick for my liking last longer but when therer worn in the black starts to dissapaear I will get some cents though
    yeah I have heard of him hes got some talent, thanks for the link.

    Like clutch and so many other effect your expecting the effect to contain a super fast sleight but the best effects are normally the most simple concept, its all about thinking outside the box.

    might pop over to the magic box on saturday see what they got in and also get me some decks as I go through them like hot dinners!
    Some good bars there although never been in the dog and parrot I know where it is though. Few bands I know play at the steam quite often cheep pints also I can imagine you downstairs stealing the show from the bands going around doing tricks!! lol

    I learnt my stuff from Daryl when I started off e.g. his ambitious routine and then looked through his 8 volumes and got the basics down then saw Daniel Madison’s lethal advertised on the net one day bought that and done flourishing for about 8 months then got the trilogy from Dan and Dave still not learnt all the material from it though and recently I invested in the dangerous DVD from Daniel Madison and practice them on are lass she’s not very happy lol!!! she hates it, no respect!!!!

    Oh and good old penguin magic how can I forget am still suing the 5 classic forces also hhehe recently learnt ‘clutch’ from Oz Pearlman easy concept which had me baffled when you watch it you get good reaction

    If you aint saw it check it out.
    love to live in town, after a night out stagger back kehbab and all hehehe used to live in heaton miss it so much. Normally I go to the usual haunts north bar around that area hoko 10, or anyhting thats cheep really try and hit a few new bars when I can to chalk them off my list wierd actually at the moment as most of the bars are closing down dont know whats happening.

    that sounds class mate thnaks very much! will try and check it out good to see you doing something contstructive only been doing this for about a year or so but am heavily into me flourishing at the moment, I try and balance both out.

    yeah I drink in town normally Sat night when I have the money!

    Live in Dudley just outside Cramlington, to be honest apart from the magic box in the town theres nothing really magic oriented as far as am aware or even social groups etc unless I have been walking around blind for 24 years

    cheers mate when I do the ambitious card routine I do try and vary the moves in them and do it sometime with 3 cards, nice to knw someone else n the toon is into his cards not many about.
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