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  1. Chr!s

    a new pass idea ??

    Is the card reversed secretly or is it more like a production?
  2. Chr!s

    Weak minded people. What to do?

    Quoted for truth. I hope the way you talk about your spectators isn't an indication of your general attitude towards people, because that may be your main problem.
  3. Chr!s


    That was a joy to watch!
  4. Chr!s

    Vanish , ponta the smith performed by me^^

    That looks really cool. If you can get to do that to a real life audience it'll destroy!
  5. Chr!s

    Your Favorite Deck Productions

    ^^ That is orignally a David Harkey production I believe, except DH didn't use a rose, just regular flash paper. Looks cool but I don't get WHY lighting some tissue on fire in a flash would produce a deck of cards? Haha.
  6. Chr!s

    No Extras

    Yeah you should look at repositioning your camera, get a bigger space into the shot, more space makes these particular moves a lot more decpetive, and look a lot more magical. Other than that, good job. I love this sequence.
  7. Chr!s

    Derren Brown brought me on stage!

    crazy jealous.
  8. Chr!s

    "KNW Force" .:Poc:.

    I think i'd have to see that in the context of an effect (With a spectator picking the card) before I could give any feedback on that. That could be one of a lot of things that have already been done.
  9. Chr!s

    Color Change Name?

    I published a tutorial on a colour change very similar to this on a sadly long-gone magic theory site a couple years ago. I couldn't find a reference on it, but ultimately decided to leave it as it seemed almost too simple to have not been done before, and as mentioned above, isn't really a...
  10. Chr!s

    New Card Production

    What's the story with the ace of diamonds?
  11. Chr!s

    Your Favorite Deck Productions

    Check out dave forrests production 'packs a wallop' from his Trickery set, if you can. Been doing it for years and it's still wicked cool.
  12. Chr!s

    Winning a coin toss every time

    Try detecting the orientation of the coin before the false turnover by feel rather than by peeking the coin. Much quicker after practice and your eyes don't have to strain to discern which way the coin is facing.
  13. Chr!s

    Kelly psych control - Daniel Madison

    It looks identical to Alan Ackermans handling of the Kelly bottom placement to me? Either way, it's fine but yeah, could benefit from being smoother.
  14. Chr!s

    Double Monte Paul Harris

    One of my favourite bits from AoA. Needs a bit of finessing but it looks decent.
  15. Chr!s

    Winning a coin toss every time

    Dan and Daves method is good. I think it's also in the Organic booklet. I used to gimmick my own coins for controlled coin tosses. Was pretty simple/basic but did the job and was pretty inconspicuous. I may actually write that up some time soon.
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