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    i think it was there since the release of t11 ... it has to be good when we have to wait that long =) sry for my bad english
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    What do you do with the jokers?

    i keep them in the deck or i use them sometimes to make gimmiks ... but i put them out of the deck if i use it for flourishing ... and i think that the jokers of the black tiger deck taste the best maybe its the ink ( black ) i usally eat put them in a shaker and it them together with honey...
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    Ego Change Routine

    sry i douoble postet so i editet it bla bla bla blaga lla
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    Ego Change Routine

    i didnt like the flourish part when you do it with laymen they think ok hes that skilled it is no problem for him to get the card on top ... its too much cards springs ... i like your ego but your DL omg ... and the one card you turned aroound like kind of shapeshifter dont do that ... i would...
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    Gregory Wilson - Ring Leader

    jep to product questions or so
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    thank you =)

    thank you =)
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    What is this called?

    the move is so obvious .. im sorry if it should be obvious sry for my bad english^^
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    Gecko - Any good?

    i dont own it but know that its angle sensitiv und bigger objects hare very hard to vanish
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    Favorite cards

    Tallys THE BEST =D
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    Playing Card Design

    lol i think that t11 cards look also like "special cards" imo i use tallys and bics for magic and t11 and E cards to collect or for flourishing ... a few days ago a layman asket me if my bicycle cards ( normal ) where special cards xD .. so i wouldnt juse t11 and E cards imo ( for magic ) ...
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    Tivo 2.0

    i had the same problem and i know the solution ^^ guess what ? practise practise practise practise and practise ^^
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    Wynn Cards

    is there any difference between the diamond back wynn cards or with the backdesign sold here on this site .. is there anybody out there who has both decks ???? i bought the diamond back ones ( was mistake ) and i dont like the feel of them so i wantet to know if there is a difference between...
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    I have a question.

    but isnt it the same to show tricks on youtube / in tv ?? its both public so i think there is no difference =S i would like to know it also .... does anyone knows it ?
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    My Zoso Change

    very nice u got skills 5 of5
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    Your first flourish?

    Helix 190 cut (variation) =)
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