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  1. Chrisfecto

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

    Bicycle 125's Propaganda Bee stingers
  2. Chrisfecto

    Kind of annoying spectators

    My usual replies in these situations: Spec: "I saw that"/"I know what you did" Me: "Don't tell me! I don't want to know!" or Spec: "You did something" or my favorite "You flipped it!!" Me: "I know... I was there..." I think everyone know's i did "something" obviously because it is...
  3. Chrisfecto

    How spectators perceive a routine/effect

    First I would ask you what do you expect them to say? I think that no matter what people will view your routine as separate tricks even if they see that they're similar. Second, to go off what RealityOne has said I know that your patter is what will change this. I pay really close attention...
  4. Chrisfecto

    Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

    First off I absolutely loved seeing your show last May. You reserved two tickets for me over twitter and it was a really memorable evening for my date and I. My question are- 1. What are some things outside of magic that you have found incredibly useful in developing your character and stage...
  5. Chrisfecto

    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1.Orangatang 2.Shark 3.Polar Bear
  6. Chrisfecto

    Is this a bad idea?

    I'd go to fantasma for the houdini museum. I've already vented about which shop i like better and why so i won't here.
  7. Chrisfecto

    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    Along the same lines " you know even if i gave this back to you whole (start to tear it up) whoever you told wouldn't believe you and since you all witnessed this i think it's best we all share the card" or someting like that
  8. Chrisfecto

    Goodbye Dresscode....Welcome Again Crush!

    Bizzaro has a great pdf called "The Reality Bubble" I would highly recommend it!
  9. Chrisfecto

    Saturday Night Contest - Traditional Card Lotto!

    8 o' diamonds (harnessing inner Paul Harris)
  10. Chrisfecto

    DRESSCODE Ideas Anyone?

    You could come out with the line "Horizontal stripes aren't the most flattering... i prefer vertical"
  11. Chrisfecto

    Spectators guessing...

    I think it's really human nature to guess. I do agree that your presentation can heighten the frequency of when it happens. When they guess or "i know how you did that!" not i quickly cut them off with "Don't tell me- I don't want to know!" From that most people get the hint. I also flat out...
  12. Chrisfecto

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Queen o' Diamonds (harnessing my inner Paul Harris)
  13. Chrisfecto

    Best Wedding Effect Ever

    Something simple i've done with couples lately is to peek a card that was written down by the girl and have the guy flip over a card in a deck behind his back. Then reveal that they both match. Showing a unique connection that they have with each other. I'd say you definitely need something...
  14. Chrisfecto

    How Can We Help?

    I would reach out to a local charity with your talent. Explain to them you want to volunteer in honor of a passed friend that enjoy your talent. Suicide Prevention is very big right now with the onset of so many young men and women taking their lives. My apologies and condolences for your loss...
  15. Chrisfecto

    What do you think is the most hard hitting effect?

    David Roth told me once "Theres no bad tricks just bad magicians" and I stand by every word of that statement.
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