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  • I Just Wanted to Congratulate You!!! is always good to celebrate new life and most of all if we bring life then I think that could not get any better.

    Congrats new DAD!!!!
    Happy Birthday! Hope it was magical...LOL. Welcome to a new year in your life hope your journey is a pleasant one.

    As you can tell by my name I loved 5speed. Shifty is also cool and the missing link too. "TNR" also very impressive. Looking forward to learning some of the coin tricks.

    Thanks for sharing your gift.

    I'm a big fan of your work. Since the creation of SuperFly do you still perform ThreeFly with your "secret" final vanish or do you find that Superfly now cancels the issue of the last coin out?

    Hey Chris, I got your book totally out of control a few months back, Im totally in love the effects in that book , just want to say you are a genius

    Daniel Telford
    -Mr. Chris Kenner thought I drop by and say how are things going.
    -I recently purchased your Shifty-Rising Card effect and I am in love with it.
    -I wish I could go see a performance of David Copperfield, but I'm very very low on money, but it would be great to meet you, DC and the cast.
    -Well, best wishes with your art
    hey chris great job on 5 speed me and my friend bought it and i do the trick to people family and friends all the time anyways good job :)
    hey Chris i recently revisited 5-speed and i just had to tell you how shocking it was to me how you said the odds of the spectator of picking one of the five cards has never happened to you. well 3 out of 5 times it happens to me >.>

    the moment i heard you say that in the tut i knew it would happen to me.

    well enough of me being random

    Are You gonna be In South Texas With Copperfield? I Saw His Show Before But I heard it would be the exact same this time around. BTW, It's in Hidalgo County At the Dodge Arena. I Would Like to Meet You as well.
    P.S. Take A Look At My Channel On Vimeo
    Dear Mr. Kenner
    My name is Michael Muscheid and i recently discovered i am going to a David Copperfield show. The show is the located in Tempe , arizona at Gammage and is the
    21st of February at
    6:eek:o pm. If you are there i would love to meet you if possible. I am a huge fan. You can message me back at or on my username MichaelChristian. t
    Hey Chris, i was just curious, is there any sort of definitive list for card shifts? Because i "created" a one card shift over the past few days, and i was trying to figure out if it had been done before. I know there are shifts that serve the same purpose as the one i created, but i believe mine to be original.
    Hey Chris, awesome site. Any forums here on impromptu magic? Just needed some recommendations on any good books/videos. I just got a bunch of videos from Dan Harlan, Tom Mullica, & Michael Ammar, & all are great. Thanks in advance.
    Hey Man, I want to thanl you for missing link. If preformed right its pure magic with a pure reaction. Thankzz

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