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  1. ChrisKenner

    Was The Magic Cafe Right For Banning Me?

    Moore Majik, I know you very well and have even emailed you to see if you have a clip online. Magic Cafe is run by Steve Brooks. If you get hold of him tell him to contact me if he still has an issue with you asking for Copperfield videos. Chris
  2. ChrisKenner

    Chris Kenner and Facebook...

    Hello, Everyone I am not sure I understand the start of this thread. I don't remember saying that I have a better life then anyone else. I will be honest. I am probably more jealous of most of you then you are of me. Everyone here is way more talented then anyone of my generation was at...
  3. ChrisKenner

    This is Why I Don't Post Much

    I LOVE theory11 more than anything. I love what it stands for and the products that it produces and most of all I love that we have less of a barrier between our team and our members than any site - but we emphasize that intentionally to make it clear to our to you guys that all of us are only...
  4. ChrisKenner

    Dear FleGz - Undecided Dear FleGz, I have to say that you have inspired me. "Undecided" - your take on my color changing tens routine - is AWESOME. Stylish. Precise. Clever. I was blown away when I watched it. I felt like a little kid that just saw his first card trick. I...
  5. ChrisKenner

    Is this a good excuse for NOT palming?

    Palming is not the end all be all of card magic. I have done magic my whole life and very very rarely do a trick that I don't have an alternate method (almost always better) without palming. Don't get me wrong I love playing with palms but they sort of scare me. I feel like there is a big...
  6. ChrisKenner

    Chris Kenner's House
  7. ChrisKenner

    Chris Kenner's House

    I will post a link to some picture when I get near my computer. Chris
  8. ChrisKenner

    Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

    I would say.... Having a personality! That I don't even need to do magic to have a reputation. CK
  9. ChrisKenner

    Five Speed - Advice

    The reason that I end it the way I do is I want the shock of the card changing. I have tried this effect many ways over the years and it seems to me that if I try to build it up you leave too much unneeded time misdirection and it weakens the effect of the dramatic change. Either way is...
  10. ChrisKenner

    Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

    Have you ever done a trick dressed like Ultra Man?
  11. ChrisKenner

    Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

    Are you a good speller? Chris Kenner Bad spellers of the world UNTIE!!
  12. ChrisKenner

    Great story about young magician tonight

    This is why I love magic. It is also one of the many reasons that I have so much respect for the youth of magic today. For anyone that does not know. I am the producer for David Copperfield and we are currently on tour in Florida. Right before the 6pm show tonight one of the crew guys came...
  13. ChrisKenner

    REVIEW: Diagonal Palm Shift (1-on-1)

    Am I on crazy pills? This is an awesome 1-on-1. I have played with this move for 30 years and consider myself a pretty informed card guy. Jason is one of my best friends and I still learned something from this 1-on-1 on the DPS. NOTHING is better then learning from someone that has done the...
  14. ChrisKenner

    What mentalism tricks are good?

    Anything by Luke Jermay. You just have to love his stuff.
  15. ChrisKenner

    Criss Angel's Believe

    I saw the show with Katie a few nights ago and just like the reviews say it is a mess. That does not mean it will always be a mess. I am not the biggest Criss Angel fan but I there are quite a few very smart people from Crique that will see that same things that the people that did not...
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