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Recent content by chrystal baller

  1. chrystal baller

    Card splitting

    Hey I was wondering what glue and application method you guys use to combine cards after you have split them. Thanks. Clayton
  2. chrystal baller

    A Reflection

    Hey all, I just wanted to post some things I have been thinking about lately. First of all I was wondering if you guys ever get kind of down on magic? I kinda feel like that lately. I have not been very creative at all lately and almost nothing I see other magicians doing makes me stop and say...
  3. chrystal baller

    How often do you buy cards?

    when i run out lol
  4. chrystal baller

    Deception with Keith Barry

    I just thought the presentation was awful. I watched it with my family and i was embarrassed for him. When he said "for this next part i will need all my mentalism abilities" i laughed and also died a little inside. All of this was absolutely staged and he played it off like he can really do all...
  5. chrystal baller

    What was the last effect you were really excited about?

    Really, the title says it all. What was the last effect or routine you were really excited about learning and performing. What was the last effect that really side tracked you and consumed your thoughts in every day life when you were supposed to do something. what was the last effect that made...
  6. chrystal baller

    Is it just me?

    The thing is I practice alot and sometimes its the easy tricks they guess. Tricks like whack your pack, believe, and simpler sandwich effects. The other day i did believe and they guy was like and then guessed the first half of the trick.I don't give it away but man that is...
  7. chrystal baller

    Is it just me?

    Hey guys I have noticed something really troubling lately. When I perform, spectators constantlygo straight to guessing the method. I don't know if it is my style of performing, I try to not present tricks as challenges but that seems to be how spectators take it. Do you have this problem? What...
  8. chrystal baller

    Tally-Ho Rough Edges (like sandpaper!)

    Holdthe whole deck and rub each edge of it really fast on the leg of your jeans then raffle shuffle some and problem solved
  9. chrystal baller

    Cheapest Cards I've Ever Bought

    There is no costco anywhere near me. Hopefully these cards are the new stock. I actually haven't opened any of the new fourteen yet.
  10. chrystal baller

    Cheapest Cards I've Ever Bought

    Hey guys. My dad picked up some cards for ke the other night. I was surprised by the cards when I opened the box. They were the new stock bicycles. I love the feel of these cards. the edges are smooth, the backs were not printed off center, and the cards were thinner and more flexible. So today...
  11. chrystal baller

    Artifact Coins

    i am okay with the design and might even pick four up if they didnt say precision and stealth on the tails side. i think that looks god AWFUL
  12. chrystal baller

    What Has Changed Your Magical Life?

    Hello, I was thinking about where I am with magic and where I would like to be and I'm just not quite sure how to bridge the gap. I know lots of people here will say practice or perform but just practicing and performing does not make perfect. I am going to pharmacy school next fall and I am...
  13. chrystal baller

    Flip Video Camera for Magic?

    hey check out every day. they have good deals posted alot
  14. chrystal baller

    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

    uhhh this seems too good to be true but i said packers would win 28 to 26. i think i may have been closest
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