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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Jv
      Are you the one who created an effect called, 'HECKLER'?
    2. GusEds
      Well, early Jan/Feb is still Christmas in my mind. Regardless, I'm hoping to get into Medicine, so a Biomedicine course would be the main go-for.

      Criminology, Psychology and Behavioral sciences are also courses I would want to look into. U of Toronto is also another one I'm applying to.

      Good luck!
    3. Justice
    4. filibustero747
      ok.. thanks a lot..
      can you teach some of your tricks? please..?
    5. filibustero747
      hey guys, can u share some great magic trick that someone in my class don't about it?

      one of my fave trick is the beedle trick.. (is my spelling correct?)
    6. James Smith
      James Smith
      4 years, I'm cutting back on the forums though. They're a lot of very bad discussions on here, it annoys me.
    7. James Smith
      James Smith
      Hey man, I just want to say that you make really good and informative posts. How long have you been doing magic?
    8. dansperry
      hey dude accidentally deleted your message with your address and what you wanted so could you please re-send it to me, thanks,

    9. Ramo D.
      Ramo D.
      hey im ramo or omar lol but um naw i think this is our first time meeting i havnt been able to go to a justin miller chat but eh wth anyway good luck with your magic bro
    10. Nikki
      haha heyy, and well, im nikki...i know you would of never known if i didnt tell u ;) haha. and maybe, back in the stickam days.

    11. CaseyC
      Very cool man. Sounds fun.
      Yeah school tends to do that lol.
    12. CaseyC
      how's the center deal workin' out for ya.
    13. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      just got home from my schools basket ball game and working on a new control
    14. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      hey man whats heppenin
    15. CaseyC
      Yeah I see what you mean. It's definetly more of just a jump start. One of those days
    16. CaseyC
      Haha yeah. Good luck on it! lol
    17. CaseyC
      Congrats on the SNC. Which 1on1 are you getting?
    18. ZacEckstein
      check the link now
    19. iwannayoyo
      Hehe, now you have a post here...
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    "Repetition is the father of learning." -- Lil' Wayne

    Why do people "sign off" with their username at the end of their posts, like it's a letter; do they not realize their username shows up at the top of their post, thus making it redundant? :confused:
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