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    Riffle stacking

    I personally don't think you need to be taught how to riffle stack. You shuffle a specific number of cards in between other cards. Practice it. That's it. Practice holding back cards by feel, without looking. This makes the whole process smoother and gives the benefit of not having to look at...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Jesse Feinberg

    What type of audience is your favorite to perform for and why? If you could reccomend only 1 of your tricks to someone, which one would you reccomend and why? If you could change one thing about the way people perform and present magic what would it be and why?
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    Hi Ben! Wuzzup?

    Hi Ben! Wuzzup?
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    Looks like you guys ARE the best!

    It's magic.
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    Looks like you guys ARE the best!

    Just found this kind of interesting. Looks like theory11 really is the best!
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    Straddle grip for bottom deal

    I use the straddle for my bottoms; I find it very simple. I learned my straddle bottoms from Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic. It's a great book and I recommend it. The master is probably Dr Elliot but I don't think there are videos of him lol. There is a great youtube user with a...
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    What Would You Get

    Ah I love Subway. Nice choice.
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    What Would You Get

    I was going to get Cardistry 101 by Andrei Jihk. I'm new to the whole flourishing thing.
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    What Would You Get

    I was just wondering, what would you have gotten with the 4.95 thing? Or, if you purchased something before it was disabled, what DID you get?
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    I'm really mad now.

    Can't you do like a one discount per IP Adress type thing?
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    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    Dang that sucks...I got the same thing.
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    What if people ask to shuffle the deck?

    Crimpity crimp crimp CRIMP.
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    How to deal with stalkers... or otherwise unpleasent folk.

    Learn self-defense and carry a taser.
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    The so called orbinase change

    Lol i know. Not sure what he was getting at.
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    Burning Cards

    Yep. Try different variables (ammount of heat, finishes, stock, ink, size, etc)
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