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    Where can I learn the riffle fan?

    Dimitri Arleri teaches it on "Monument"
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    Thumbcut help

    As for the thumb cut, i can't do it myself so no advice here. As for which hand to learn it from, learn the one hand cuts in your non-main hand. (So if you are right handed, learn it with the left hand and vice versa)
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    Card controls

    With alot of practice of the classis pass, you can basicly make it look invisible.
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    One hand fan?

    I think it is called curly q, but it is apparently extremely hard.
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    What do you think about my control?

    Sorry, that was really easy to see where the card went.
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    Fontaine playing cards

    Blue fontaine kickstarter is up, however this time international shipping is alot more expensive.. Anyways, can somebody please tell me the song used in the blue fontaine trailer, and i will love you forever.
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    California// Cardistry

    You are definatly good at cardistry! However i would prefer better background. Maybe some nature or something in the background, it always goes well with cardistry
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    How am I going to be compensated?

    60% of the money goes to you. Theory11 keeps 40% for server upkeep etc..
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    Bomb// Cardistry

    Wow, amazing! Show me more!
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    Wow, Oracle Playing Cards

    To be honest, i don't really like these kinds of cards, i prefer simple, elegant cards rather then letters and numbers spread around the back of the card. But this is of course just my opinion.
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    Bicycle titanium edition

    I don't really like bicycle cards. I prefer tally ho's alot more.
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    I learned a force a while back

    The wire is not a place where you republish move like the classic pass or things like that. The wire is where you share your original forces, flourishes, card tricks etc.. If it is already a well known move, then chances are that it will not be accepted on the wire. If you aren't sure if its...
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    My Elite Points are Still Bugged

    Just write a support ticket, and it will be fixed in no time ;D
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    The wire bugs.

    Hello. I have already filled in a support ticket, but as i am very inpatient, i thought i would post on the forums too. I have this really wierd bug, where if i try to buy 10:24 by omar renfro, when i go to my cart, it somehow turns into above the horizon by jose morales.. Has anybody been...
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    Wow! Great flourishes, you should definatly post some of those flourishes on the wire.
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