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    Someone sends me an IM saying how their brother is in a wheelchair and feels offended by the people making fun of handicaps in the thread. I'm no fun? No, people need to go get some class.

    Woah patience man... I don't know how to give it to you... but if that fails you could try sending JB a message.

    Thanks for the question!
    Huh? Sorry i didnt reply I was away~ =P

    Unfourtunately I have no Idea who youre talking about~
    Yeah it's a great dvd...I recommend the tricks dvd if you don't have it..But yeah about the pinky thing. Its used in Rebel, the 1on1. And its pretty hard at first. one thing is to make sure ur pressing hard with your pinky. Its also easier if you do it faster. I'm working on turnover and downfall right now.

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