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  1. Creeper

    Wayne Houchin injured in attack

    y'all are acting retarded...this ain't about you its about wayne and this crazy incident...shut up and go practice
  2. Creeper

    Wayne Houchin injured in attack

    what a crazy story. the dude proceeded to touch his head even after the fire was out, why wouldn't someone get him the hell off of wayne? He's really lucky his whole face didn't burn off, that seemed like a big flame. hope he does well, he may not be physically scared, but emotionally this has...
  3. Creeper


    franky what did you create in this video
  4. Creeper


    sorry, I posted a thread in the main section where I explained that, guess I should of done that here too. I'll just copy what I said over there. "The bottom line is Franky learned all those moves from people on tinychat, particularly Viet. I, as well as other people, including Alex Janiuk, can...
  5. Creeper


    You guys clearly don't understand my gripe here. Franky is saying he created something in this video. If all the moves are shown in the preview, then there is zero original material in it! "Elements were taken from other flourishers" elements=everything "Learn isolations that I have created...
  6. Creeper

    Isolated by Franky Morales

    yeah everyone go check that out...
  7. Creeper


    Jose, there is no original material in the video. You did not add anything to them! Every single move that I see in this preview video is not yours. Your not the first person to "connect" isolations, everyone that practiced them connected them! Do not say you created anything in this video...
  8. Creeper

    Isolated by Franky Morales

    had to come out from under the rock for this. has anyone read the description for this video? In case you missed it- "A relatively new genre of Cardistry. Isolations is a concept that can be applied to all different types categories such as close up, stage, or on video. This will impress...
  9. Creeper

    theory11 cards?

    are they not printing their decks anymore or something? how come everything but guardians is sold out?
  10. Creeper

    Saturday Night Contest - Structure (EXTENDED)

    haven't come on these forums in ages...haven't touched a deck in ages...o well, enjoy
  11. Creeper

    t11.bulletin - DIVIDED by Jesse Feinberg

    I'm sorry but his card handling is horrible...
  12. Creeper

    Saturday Night Contest - Finish This Flourish

    I don't think you should give yourself too much didn't do anything differently. You pretty much only won because your video had more material to showcase than the other entries. Other than that, your video wasn't anymore creative than the rest so I wouldn't be so fast to judge the...
  13. Creeper

    What are these three moves called?

    are you serious...28 is raindance...go ahead ask andrei...seriously don't answer a question that you don't know the answer to
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