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    Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

    at what age did you start crating efects?:rolleyes:
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    New Change

    :eek:DUDE that was the grates change in the entire universe dam Ur good!
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    Any Section in Spanish!

    si porque no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! porfavor !!!!!!!!! ssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111:D:):(:mad:
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    Magicians: Who We Are and Where We Are

    martin I'm from Mexico but i live in Tucson,Arizona ya i speek Spanish too!!!!!! :D;)
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    Daniel Madison or Dan and Dave?

    dan and dave buck trilogy
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    Daniel Madison - Dangerous : Motion - Is it really that hard?

    it's not that hard you just need to practice.
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    Official // 1-on-1 // Wants

    flourish !!!!!!11111
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    theory11 roundtable discussion - Dan and Dave Buck

    how to practice???????????????????????????????????????? /////////
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    Tivo 2.0

    do you have the trilogy???????????? if u do than pm me!!!!1 OK
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    theory11 roundtable discussion - Richard Z

    do u smell?????????????//
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    Absolut Playing Cards

    yes there the best!!!!!111:D:cool:
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    Want to order bricks - Where?

    use ebay !!!!man there r the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
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    d+M's Presentation

    I totally agree with you . . . his performances are very fun to watch. I like his style
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    The Brothers Bloom

    i didn't see eny XD!!!!!!!!!!!lol:D:rolleyes:
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    08.09.08 SNC Final Cut Winner HERE

    This is my flourish... Sorry for the video quality... But you can get the flourish And, by the way, it is a false cut Enjoy!
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