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  • Dude I was reading this thread about tips and stuff to perfrom hipnosis correctly, and I feel the need to thank you, ( was that well written), I remember shotting you a Pm in regards inductions and that stuff, and your response actually helped me a lot, thanks man.

    I am finally reading the artful mentalism...although, you told me to read the principiums first?...I am not sure.. anyway I`ll keep you informed as I progress in the book..

    edit: could you send me your e-mail again? I deleted the PM`s and I didn`t save it...sorry..
    and also...add me in facebook!! here
    I'm trying to mix some Cold readings into my routines. I got Lee Earle's GentleArt of Cold Reading and it seems to be a great resource for a "stock" reading. I'm going to try to get some gigs with readings, at least thats the plan.
    Hey man,
    are you going to be attending the convention at Taylor's Magic this September? The one with Banachek, Kostya Kimlat etc.
    Thanks man!
    That would mean a lot to me, and i assure you that it's handling will never leave my brain!

    Also, is there a chance you will be returning to MSN?
    I really miss our little sessions.
    Hey, yeah i did. High-School is now solid :), focusing my energy towards my studies right now so its going slowly. We decided to postpone the thing a bit, but i'm participating in a Close-up competition. Probably going to do a book test or a Head Line prediction.(Dan Harlan's method from Pack small play big DVD)
    Somewhat leaning towards the blindfold image duplication routine, which might play bigger that the Head line prediction. I only have 10 min so its probably going to be 1 effect.

    Any suggestions on that?

    Thanks, as soon as I get something together I shall send it to you.
    Probably sometime this week when I finally find out if I got accepted to A good High School. Pretty nervous about it.
    Hey man, how are you?
    Im on a new project of making a 1 hour show again. Would it be okay if id pop an email every once in a while to get some feedback?

    Are there any good alternatives or variations of the switch taught in One Man Routine? I would rather fold the billet in quarters rather than 16th's. I was thinking of Luke Jermay's peek from penguinmagic.
    Sounds good. I'll be putting on a birthday mentalism show for my friend in August. Planning to use Annemann's routine. Any advice?
    Hehe, not too bad actually. Got ODDS down and done 2 times now.
    Getting everything together too, what i say is starting to make what i do much stronger. Everything is going smoothly right now :). Nice to see you are still alive!
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