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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Jason England

    Ah, cool, can't wait to listen to the podcast.
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    I NEED your honest opinon

    Hm... Personally,I'm not a fan of the invisible deck. I have no idea why, I just don't enjoy performing that. It's just a preference. May I ask why you absolutely need to get rid of one? You don't have to do the same ones all the time.
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    Locked and Loaded

    My beautiful set of 4 Liberty halves, a deck of Red tally fans, and a deck of Blue Bikes. I go impromptu.
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    Laying down the Blade.

    Nice, Keoke, gave me a good laugh. Like others have said, I agree with his points, as they are valid. Delivery was far of. As in, his sleights were perfect, his presentation was that of a novice.
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    Laying down the Blade.

    I understand what you mean, dude, I do. But three posts? Really? You came off a little snotty. I don't think 'Mods will be fuming'. I read your first post, and I sort of know what you mean with the heart. In a sense, that's what makes certain performers so good. They perform with feeling, and...
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    Harbor Change Help

    No problem. Let me know if you need anymore help.
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    Harbor Change Help

    I also have small hands. Just modify the angles slightly, and it should work well enough.
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    What's your type of card magic ... ?

    I really like transpos and Sandwiches. Not that mine are particularly amazing, I just think they're the most fun to do, and have a fairly simple plot, which is entertaining, and easy for the spectator to understand.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Name: Matt Krug Age: 16 Hobbies Other Than Magic: Guitar, Bass, Parkour, Warhammer 40k. How I started magic: Buddy of mine has been in it for 5 years. I just gradually picked it up, almost accidentally. Now it's become essentially my whole life. Where Am I Now: I used to do magic for parents...
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    Hardest card trick...

    Raise Rise. The ambitious riser just killed me. I practice it everyday, but I don't think I'm going to get it for a long time. I think I could(as well as many others) could get it down if it was taught a little bit better. It was very vague. Also, move wise, Aaron Fisher's One Handed Pop Over...
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    Cardini Change Help

    My only problem with the square up/rotation is that I don't see any motivation for it, unless you start doing that through out your routine, playing it off as habit. I dribble quite often, which is why it's more natural for me to clean up in this way.
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    Cardini Change Help

    The ego is Danny Garcia's variation of it. When I did the cardini more often, I would lift the deck up, and immediately dribble the cards on top of the ditch, if that helps. Not the best explanation, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
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    Slippery Hands?

    Do you drink enough water? I find that if I'm not hydrated enough, my hands dry out and I don't handle nearly as well. I think 8 glasses of water a day is the recommendation.
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    Magicians in South Jersey?

    Cool,Cool. Let me know if you're going to any conventions or anything, and maybe we can meet up and jam for a bit.
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    Magicians in South Jersey?

    Yeah, man. Marlton, how about you?
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