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  • Guess your name's max (from the vid). Hi, my names mike if u didn't realize from two posts ago when i signed my name mike at the end of it. lol. Anyway, nice vid, good music, ur a lot better then me, all i know how to do is sybil and damn straight by kevin ho. What was that display at 2;28 cause that was pretty awesome. Good job for only 5 months. Keep it up!
    Mostly magic, Flourishing is cool but magic is what i like. Close up magic, but mostly cards. I practice all the time, I don't think I ever left the house without a deck of cards. Sometimes i wake up at like 2 in the morning from my sleep and just practice. And Yes, I have practiced in the shower with my plastic cards. lol (i know that's weird but whatever). How bout u?
    Pretty Good i'm tired and sick but that's not important. How bout u? I was busy last night so Sorry i couldn't answer you sooner. :p. Thanks for asking.
    I got both dvds. Thanks for the tips. I practiced Downfall for about 2 hours, and I can get it almost every time. It came so much more quickly than I thought.
    Same here! Its great ain't it? I suck at that damn pinky spin, the one he uses for most of the flourishes. Its in Twisted rain, and its the first move in cylinder. Any tips? I can't keep the cards together.
    Im good you? yo just wondering did u get dangerous?

    P.S As you said you have 360... out of curiosity, do you play NBA 2k8 lol?
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