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    How To Improve Your Videos Overnight

    I agree, I would put those in (3) the in-depth explanation (including angles, blocking, etc)
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    How To Improve Your Videos Overnight

    Sometimes in T11 and DVD and other videos, people go overboard with endless explanations about multiple handlings for each step. Don't get me wrong - the more information the better, particularly on alternative handlings. However, there are some people out there that just do an information dump...
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    Classic Palm - Please Please Help Me!!! Please!!

    I have seen people with a couple of different conditions that have difficulty with classic palm - one is a certain kind of hypermobility disorder, where the joints are so hypermobile that to get the coin on classic palm requires adoption a modified position in some cases that causes pain and is...
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    2 fly :))

    I don't see any problem with him performing this for non-magicians. I think he'd get excellent responses.
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    Your "Box" of Stuff

    A magic hat with a SC for productions. I got it to do a joke rabbit-out-of-hat routine and then doing some more interesting productions with a TT and a few other gimmicks. Never actually used in performance - not even for my family, come to think of it. I have a daughter now that would...
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    Justin Miller Changing the Industry

    From the economics point of view, in a free market, the price for a good or service will find a balance between how much people want to spend making it and how much people want to spend buying it. Sometimes, this equilibrium price will not be the full story. Some people will pay a high price...
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    Greatest Card Trick Ever LIVE

    Like he said, to "put a huge smile on your face. Enjoy!" He did well.
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    Weekly Mentalism/Hypnosis Videos

    LOL - "I'm just darn good at hide-and-seek" Brilliant
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    2 fly :))

    I agree with WyattSB. However, if you want to do it like this, you might want to start with a simple one-coin routine, with a dramatic 2nd coin production, followed by your 2-fly (which is very good btw) and then a 3rd coin production (also a bit more flashy). That way, there is a natural...
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    Card controls

    Not sure if this is quite what you want, but a Crimped Card Control lets you do whatever you want with a card. It is very versatile and kinda like a poor-man's stripper deck. The advantage is that it is easy to do and the cards themselves cover the move while you're showing your tall dad that...
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    Where can I download FOUNDATIONS by Jason England

    Hi Seb, I hope you don't feel too bad for the comments (maybe just a little). Perhaps you didn't realise what site you were posting to... Anyway, there are plenty of people who post tutorials for free on sites like youtube, but Theory11 is where you come to learn quality magic from master...
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