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    Schwing by Chris Kenner

    Scwhing has already been published by Eric Mason under the title "Arise Comrades" in Pabular vol n°1 from june 1975. Who talks about creativity?
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    Magic & Cinema

    Removed by the user.
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    Your Favorite Living Magician?

    1. Sebastien Clergue because he takes care about plots. 2. Michael Weber because he is always one time ahead. 3. Homer Liwag because he takes care of each details. 4. Steve Forte, Zapach and Arnaud M because their card and dice work is truly terrific.
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    Cerca Trova Ideas

    IMHO, discussing how to use marketing, cinema, etc. to build plots could be interesting...
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    What Are Some Solutions?

    Extract from Magic, November 1992. "Quick: In the next five seconds try to name two branches of the performing arts where a performer who has no skill, has never practiced a day in his life and is absolutely awful at what he does, can earn a living. Beep. Time's up. Try this combo: magic and...
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