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  • hey guys i just got the trilogy its really wonderful!...there truly is something for EVERYONE!!
    Guys gotta say, love the S&M. A signed one would be even better, but they rock. Great decks. Any Christmas plans?
    Hi my name is nick and i have afriend who is realy big into card amnipulation and he has shown me alot of your stuff. I hope to be as good as he is in due time.
    I triple dog dare you.............to reply to my post. jk. but not really. did you know that a "brick"(case like thing) of your cards is going for 179.99 on ebay? Wtf. You guys could ask people to do extremely strange tasks just for a pack of your cards. Use your imaginations for that part. They seem to have gotten you pretty far. Anyways, I love all that you do.
    Just thought I drop by and say love your work and you guys are awesome.

    Love the Stingers video as well.
    Yeah I got the same questions here. Are you guys going to remake the smoke and mirrors because I really, really, really, really, .......................................................................................
    like them.
    hey dan and dave r u guys ever gonna make smoke and mirror decks 3rd edition cause i really want to get ur guys cards but there all sold out every where any way thks
    the face of the K clubs 1st edition smoke & mirrors .. is that your faces? cuz im looking and comparing all my other decks everything matches accept this one. lol.
    Are you guys sure you are 24? Just kidding, my Mom hates me when I do that.
    Is there going to be a flourishing on the andthensome dvd like the third one had?
    Dave, thank you for the autograph (you emailed me yesterday) I can't wait until it comes in.
    I should have given you enough info. about where to send... Merry Christmas!!
    hey guys

    i'm not sure but i check the dananddave.com calendar and it says that today is Dan and Dave birthday
    the calendar can be wrong but:

    Whenever you guys post, it seems it's something incoherently funny :D

    Keep it up!
    Do you guys have anything coming up in movies? Saw some of your stuff on smoking aces awhile back. just wondering.
    Hey D&D.
    I recently ordered Tricks from the Trilogy, and I have to say, it is amazing. The tricks get such great reactions, the sleights taught are soooo useful, and the DVD looks great! I enjoy Tivo 2.0, Subway, Card to Mouth, Deja Vu, and...actually, I enjoy the whole DVD!

    Anyway, you both are amazing. Keep up with the great work!
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