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i follow the migration patterns of classification
professional ninja

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nunchuck specialist / theory11, from i follow the migration patterns of classification

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Dec 9, 2018
    1. n:b
      D to the G!! Man, I gotta say, you are definitly one of the damn funniest guy ever. And easily one of the most brilliant magicians peirod. Love your work, can't wait for dgp 4,cinco, and six. Love ya man. Peace.
    2. Twozwozer
      Happy birthday!
    3. Jv
      Nunchucks Rule!+ I love Pressure
    4. MagicKid809
      wats up daniel garcia my name is jake and i live in Tooronto, Ontario and i just watched the video where you answered people questions and i was wondering on the question about getting gigs what if you already have them like how did you get so sucessful with theory 11 and ellusionist wat did u do to get ur name out there any ways i would apreciate it if u anwsered but any way thnks man :)
    5. MagicBillK
      Dear Danny-

      My name is Bill Koch, and I am a magician from Chicago. I am the first "President" of a new magic club starting in the NorthWest suburbs of the city, and when we were talking about potential lecturers that we'd like to have come to our club, I threw your name out there, and there was a unanimous "Yeah!" from the group.

      I was wondering if you lectured, (duh... I know you lecture) and if so, what would you charge to come to our club and lecture? If you are interested, we would love to host you, and I hope you would consider it.

      If this is something you're interested in, please drop me a line at magicbillk@mac.com, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Your friend-
      -Bill Koch

    6. Ramo D.
      Ramo D.
      thank you for answering my question danny
    7. TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist
      Hey man, I just had a look at the video for the SNC. Was definitely one of the most insightful discussions on here yet. I honestly appreciate the fact that my question was thrown in simply because of the answer you responded with. I took a lot away from what you said and have a feeling it'll be one of those videos i'll look back on every now and then to either stir the creative juices or just to remember good advice. So of course (goes without saying) Thank You.

      (Can't leave on a serious note)

      We gotta get a video of you beatin up Ninjas with Nunchuck-norrises my man.
    8. michael_weiss
      Hey danny, Im glad your part of T11, my name is self explanitory, I am a big fan of yours and you have made me view magic in a diffrent way, to think around an object an to make it seemingly unexplainable. But I need some advice, Im beginning in the field of making/creating my own effects, but I get stumped as to coming up with the "solution", so how do u manage to compesate with an effect that leaves ur mind blank?
    9. TheoryGV
    10. TheoryGV
      whats up mr. garcia
    11. CaseyC
      You sir, are awesome.
      Welcome aboard.
    12. GusEds
      I peed in joy when I saw you were the new artist.

    13. tally-ho
      hello mr. anonymous.
    14. ϺoᴙтєŁ ♠ ŁiunтaƦ
      ϺoᴙтєŁ ♠ ŁiunтaƦ
      hola danny :P, ur awesome best luck, see ya later :D
    15. Giianni
      ever wanted to enter the Euro championships?
      and just try to beat me,, lol ^^

      Greetings !
    16. richmagic
      Hey Danny, met you at fantasma last yr.. day u guys went to that HUGE pillow fight in NYC loL
    17. Insert.Username.Here
      Hi daniel Garcia... Wassup
    18. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      danny whats happenin
    19. manks123
      Hey Danny, hows life in ur world? Is ur leg getting better?

      Ur da man...
    20. DGTillIDie
      danny you are my hero. keep it up.
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    Home Page:
    i follow the migration patterns of classification
    professional ninja
    i have one hero in this world - WAYNE HOUCHIN !!!

    i kinda like magic
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