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  • Howdy, Dan! Just wanted to say hi after seeing your old video showing off what might be one of the greatest inventions ever made; a sanitary public toilet. Though, part of me wonders if the plastic just gives the illusion of sanitation, when really it just rotates the same section over and over.

    Anyway, nice rabbit avatar and interesting note about Piss Christ. Had to look it up to see what it was, but it was definitely worth a laugh. Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm a fan of your work, and maybe help brighten your day with some lulzy fan small talk. Cheers, man!
    You should check out this thread, it got like 4 votes, and 8 replys within the first minute it was up. I wasnt even done editing it when someone took the poll and replyed.
    What up dan. i am a verry big fan of yours. I hand You card manipulation 101 v1 and i love it. I am trying to get every thing of yours that i can.
    I just saw a Chinese magician perform Cookie Cutter on TV. It was on one of those foreign channels most people get.

    I was wondering if you would be so kind enough to take a look at one of my effects?

    Just drop me a message with your e-mail, please.

    Thanks in advance,


    On the Gypsy Thread you say that every magician has their own version, but with twists and turns.

    What do you mean by that, in other words, what have magicians added to the idea.

    Thanks in advance

    You Danny are a very creative and amazing guy and that's why you're one of my inspirations.

    Thanks for the response and thank you,


    P.S. I was watching some of your magic clips from Master of Illusions and they were out.of.this.world, such as the dollar in chicken egg, the goldfish, they were amazing.
    In the Rising Card Sketch Pad is it possible to do something other than a Card Rising?

    Thanks in advance


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