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Aug 24, 2015
    1. Jack L. Dallam
      Jack L. Dallam
      OMG. . . you accepted my friend request on Facebook and i freaked like a little school girl. I just want to thank you for all of the help you've given me (although we've never actually met.) Thanks!
    2. Silvertear
      I don't know if you got it but I replied to your PM
    3. robinoracle
      hi dan, can i ask you somethin about how to send a trick in your site? im having a hard time sending our trick =(
    4. n:b
      You should check out this thread, it got like 4 votes, and 8 replys within the first minute it was up. I wasnt even done editing it when someone took the poll and replyed.
    5. NJillusionist3
      What kind of moves is Mike Hankins going to bring to the table?
    6. meishe91
      Hello, I saw on twitter your comment about The Tears of a Clown. How did you know there is a bassoon solo? Or even it was a bassoon? Haha, just not something most people notice.
    7. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      Are you familiar with Zombakorns
    8. perspective62091
      hey dan,

      just a question about lit, which i thought was absolutely awesome and i did buy the dvd. is there any adverse health effects to putting the match in your mouth at the beginning, and is there anywhere else you know to get the stuff for self lighting match pack? pm me if you get the chance

    9. The Raven
      The Raven
      and why aren't you my friend yet :(
    10. The Raven
      The Raven
      what are you doing up so early?? or late...

    11. getodacus
      Later edit .......
    12. hijackedmagic
      Hey Dan! I heard you met my dad in Hong Kong!
    13. aznofspades
      Hey Dan
      just about to go watch my tape of Dive of Death
      me and a teacher were having an argument about whether or not David Blaine was fake or not
      (obviously I was for that he KEEPS IT REAL)

      anyway the main one was Frozen Alive
      cuz the dude saw the Masked Magician Version of the Trick, and not the actual special (which I'm 99.9% sure is different than the one David did)
      so I'm thinking I'll just let the teacher borrow my copy of Fearless

      any other suggestions would be appreciated
    14. CardGuy90
      Hey Dan,
      Steven H here, love your work, true inspiration for younger magicians.
      Im definately going to see Blaine on the opening day, the 22nd, and every other day to be honest lol. Hopefully il get to see a flash of you and everyone else there, but if not hope all is well and everything goes amazing for David and for you.
      - Steven.
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