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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    ruse - p. 42 fool - p. 11 nonchalantly - p. 111
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    Sentinels Ace Canvas 24*36?

    Nope - It's 24 INCHES x 36 INCHES ... nice and BIG!!!
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    Sold out?

    Are you at liberty to say if the Sentinels are being released in a V2 form, or will they pretty much be the Sentinels we currently know and love?
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    Top: Two of Diamonds Bottom: Eight of Hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    In 2012 I will complete the scripting and development of my new close-up card magic act and will have made significant progress working out the bugs and honing it to a smooth performance through endless hours of practice and critique. I will also introduce one new person to the world of...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top: Three of Diamonds Bottom: Ace of Clubs
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    Countdowns send expectations skyrocketing. Countdowns that replace entire websites send expectations off the planet. Countdowns that deliver can increase value exponentially. Countdowns that fail to deliver can damage image irreparably. I most sincerely hope Dan and Dave deliver.
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    Wardrobe Change!

    As contradictory as it sounds (and barring the character branding thing) I say that in general you want to look "similar but different" than your audience. You need to stand out a bit, be spottable in the crowd - yet not stick out like a sore thumb. But yet again I think it all depends on the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. tails 2. tails 3. tails 4. heads 5. tails 6. heads
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    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    1. Actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. do not watch a movie the way the general public does. The first time you see a flourish performed (one you hadn't seen before) how do you evaluate it? What are you looking for? 2. What flourish/magic sleight do you not currently do/use that is next on...
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    Acta Deceptio - Why Do We Not Believe?

    Are you sure Chris was talking about the same feeling that you originally posted about, Lyle? I read that as Chris being super impressed by an improved and ultra-smooth handling of an effect the workings of which he clearly does understand. I didn't take it as Chris being fooled by the effect...
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    Acta Deceptio - Why Do We Not Believe?

    There are many reasons for this as everyone has already pointed out. Of course another dimension to all of this is exactly what Lyle mentioned in the beginning, Craig alluded to, and Michael points out: when we're younger, we are inclined to believe in magic because we WANT to believe in magic...
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    Jennings 67 or Classic Magic of Larry Jennings?

    Is there a reason you can't get (or might not want to get) both, even if it's separated by a paycheck or two?
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    I'm Back from Vegas!

    Vegas Fun If you could have fooled Penn & Teller in Las Vegas, would you have gotten a free trip to London? :) Vegas is great fun especially if you've never been there or only get there once in a while. Next time you're able to go, check out Gambler's Book Club. Besides a lot of great...
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    3 New Decks

    Not complaining at all, mind you, but I have to admit I got my hopes up for six different decks tonight, not three different decks each in two different colors. I'm not complaining because in the end it probably saved me a ton of money!!!
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