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    Best card tricks

    Expert Card Technique
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    Best card tricks

    1, Invisible Transit (impromptu) 2. Pit Hartling's Duplicity (setup) 3. Out of This World (setup) 4. AACAAN (setup) 5. Twisting the Aces (reasonably impromptu/minimally setup) 6. McDonald's Aces (gimmicked) 7. Invisible Deck (gimmicked) 8. Color Monte (Depending on you perspective this could be...
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    Where to find resources on knowing how many cards you're holding.

    There are a couple of chapters on estimating the number of cards without a stack in Ed Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique.
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    52 shades of red velvet

    In his At the Table lecture he suggests browsing the fabric store, that's how he found his. You should be able to get an idea of how his is textured from the video, or he discusses it in the lecture.
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    Shipping question

    Wouldn't be surprised. Once you get over 13 oz. then First Class Mail automatically becomes Priority Mail and is quite a bit more expensive. It's just a Postal Service thing.
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    Fair Shuffling

    Yes, you should learn to shuffle fair as well as false but learning the false shuffles should help your standard shuffles. So I wouldn't worry too much about learning standard shuffles first unless you are having particular difficulty with the false shuffles. What false shuffles are you looking at?
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    Where Can I Find Split-Faced Bicycles

    There's also the OCD deck, though I'm not sure if you get all 52 split cards.
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    Where Can I Find Split-Faced Bicycles

    Just as Print By Magic, they will make it however you like. Though perhaps for a bit more $.
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    Tally ho circle back, fan back or bicycle supreme line

    All cards manufactured by USPCC are good quality with good durability. Having said that, they do not last forever and you should plan on swapping in a new deck regularly. Open an new deck and see if it works better than the one you've been using, that's how you know. The 2 types of Tally Hos...
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    Impromptu Card Tricks

    Invisible transit from Expert Card Technique.
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    Deck question

    Well I do like the 2018s I have much better than the 2014s, though I think that's due to it being a different print run with a different batch of card stock than an age difference. If they were stored in a hot warehouse for several years it might make a difference, but those wrappers seem...
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    Virtual Magic Teacher

    I'm old enough that the answer is going to be in book form. The first would be Tarbell, and not a bad place to start! Close Up Card Magic by Harry Lorrayne was also quite the revelation, but my beginnings are all Tarbell.
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    Need more suggestions for my book & dvd collection!

    Kaufman-Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy Redford-Temporarily Out of Order 2020 Conjuring Arts Critical Edition-Phantom of the Card Table Aronson-Simply Simon Kaufman-The Berglas Effects (not for everyone and oop, but worth adding to your collection) Dan and Dave-Trilogy (Video) Jason...
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    Quality of coins ?

    No, I was referring to the previous response which has now been deleted because apparently the moderator thought the same thing. Don't worry about band breakage, it will happen anyway! Product should come with extras, replace them proactively. Kueppers sells packs of 25 for $4.
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    Quality of coins ?

    That response looks like it was written by a bot. I like Johnson for the price, but I have found higher quality with other manufacturers. Though I haven't actually tried Schoolcraft, but plan to next as I am also seeking the benefits of high precision. Worth the money? It depends on how...
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