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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 10 of Spades Card 2: 8 of Spades Card 1: Jack of Hearts Card 2: 2 of Diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Every Day Carry!
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    Shadow Wallet Questions

    I'm seriously considering picking up the Shadow Wallet and selling my Razor Wallet, but I have a few questions for anyone that currently has the wallet. 1.) Is the peek function the same as the Razor wallet? 2.) Does the shadow wallet use one of those fake credit cards for the peek like in the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Collections! Being in college I can only pack the essentials!
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    Need Routine Ideas!!!

    Could you possibly send a link to an example
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    Need Routine Ideas!!!

    This Friday I'll be performing in a show at my college and I sadly haven't narrowed down my specific trick yet. The main reason I'm struggling is because of certain parameters we have. 1.) Everyone must be 6 feet apart at all times 2.) If a spectator touches something I touch, we both must be...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Valentine's Day!

    Thanks so much!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 55!

    Winner: Kansas City Chiefs Score: 27 - 21 Winner: Kansas City Chiefs Score: 34 - 28
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 4 of Spades Card 2: 7 of clubs Card 1: King of hearts Card 2: Six of diamonds
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    Flap 2.0 Review

    I have been looking around and seeing some reviews here and there for Hondo Chen's "Flap 2.0". I wanted to post a detailed review. I bought this recently and have made a few successful flap cards since. I also own the original Flap download to make comparisons. It is important to say that you...
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    Tarantula 2.0 or Animation?

    It all depends on what you're looking for. Summed up Tarantula is an electronic reel while animation revolved around loops. The main difference revolves around how Tarantula can float objects as you see with the mint. You can't float objects like that with loops. The main selling point of loops...
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    Question about flux

    Flux vibrates when coming into contact with a magnet. That's the main difference between your gimmick. It doesn't read just metal, it has to be a magnet itself. A great benefit is its range. From a few inches beyond the spectator's closed fist, you can tell. I will admit I haven't done the heads...
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    Card Guard

    I’ve been starting to use decks that are thinner, the Penguin Elite Deck. The card guard that I originally bought doesn’t compress these thinner cards enough and they just rattle in the box. Can anyone recommend a card clip they use that works for these types of cards?
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    Looking for a Double Faced Deck

    I’ve been looking for a specific double faced deck that on a one side has a mixed up deck, but when flipped over the deck turns back to new deck order. I believe this was discussed in Joshua Jay’s “Unreal”. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Throw Streamers

    I've been interesting in adding white throw streamers into my act. Which one would you recommend?
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