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    Saturday Night Contest - One Card Only

    I don't know if I'm proud of it or not, but here's my wacko idea. Don't be mad about the ISO's! I just really like concept. This was fun!
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    Have you ever done a whole card routine with just one hand?

    I knew what I meant by that statement. When I said effect, I meant specifically an effect, or in other terms, a trick, and I did not mention anything about cardistry. I totally agree that showing skill goes hand in hand with cardistry. However, I personally feel that cardistry has no place in a...
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    Struggling with stairway. Any help?

    I also do this trick often, if Jayke of Spades can't help, I'd be happy to help as well.
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    Have you ever done a whole card routine with just one hand?

    Personally, I think that if you are doing an effect with one hand for the sole reason of doing it one handed, you're just showing off. Not that I don't think there are many useful and effective one-handed routines and sleights, I just try to elevate the magic rather than the spectators opinion...
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    Spectators With Special Needs

    Thank you for your comments, Justin! I have discussed this with her and I plan on attending some of their activities to spend some time with the students and get a feel for what kind of material I should prepare. Thank you David! I am going to spend some time with the students and then put...
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    Spectators With Special Needs

    Hey guys! I've been racking my brain on this one and I'd really like to get your thoughts. My significant other is doing an internship with an autism services program with her college. The students involved have a range of different needs and are involved with the program to get help with their...
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    How to keep magic magical a while longer?

    Well, first of all, 18 months ago is very recent, so welcome to the club and thank you for sharing! We like to drink the cool-aid every couple weeks, so you're welcome to join us. (They still haven't taught me how we keep surviving the cool-aid. Maybe it's invisible threads, who knows.) I've...
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    Please...Have A Purpose.

    "My job as a magician is to inspire doubt in my spectator's reality." This is my "purpose" for doing magic, or my end goal in performing magic, if you will. This sounds like a "radical" opinion, but it's what really drives me to be a better performer. I want to perform my magic on such a level...
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    Where can i get cardistry trainers?

    I tend to agree with the others on this thread about the cardistry trainers. John Wilson reviewed a training deck like we are discussing in MAGIC Magazine Vol. (24 No.10 (June 2015)) and this is a snippet of what he said on the subject of cardistry trainers: "One of the hardest aspects of...
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    What are you Working on right now?

    I have been really working hard on doing one handed cuts in both hands recently. One of my goals is to be proficient with some difficult cuts even in my off hand so I can do more. The current ones I'm working on are Around The Block - Dimitri Arleri and I'm having trouble with L-cuts, but...
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    Closely Guarded Secret in Magic

    If there are TRUE secrets about magic out there, you probably won't find them in a T11 thread, hence the secret part. I honestly think only a small number of people in the world have a "comprehensive understanding of magic", for lack of a better term. Plus, "true secrets" is a bit of a vague...
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    An Example of the Disconnect Between Cardistry and Old Magicians

    I very much agree. I think some guys who dislike it think that cardists are attempting to perform magic and whatnot with flourishes, when in reality, cardistry is a completely separate entity at this point. They seem to categorize all cardists into a group of kids who are trying to do fancy card...
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    Whatever happened to... There ya go! There's some linkage for your viewing pleasure.
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    Whatever happened to...

    Danny is still definitely around! I was kinda thinking the same thing there for a while, but he's always posting on Facebook; I just asked his opinion on an idea just about a month ago and he responded and chatted with me about it. He's completely bald now, which was a shock at first! He did an...
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