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    What to do?

    I completely agree - I don't expect YouTube to have nearly a fraction of the contents that can be found in books. However, if I'm making the argument that books are the way to go because its contents cannot be found on YouTube - which in turn nullifies the heckler issue.. and the magician is to...
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    What to do?

    Well no offense but it's also ironic that one would claim to 'read books' and can't quite read what I posted. I never claimed to 'learn magic from YouTube' - my point was tutorials of specific moves can be found on YouTube or other overlapping moves as part of another trick for hecklers to use...
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    What to do?

    Have you been on YouTube recently? And beside, my point was some of the moves were picked up or in some cases can be guessed. Laymen can understand the concept of double lifts, false cuts, palming etc just by watching a few videos here and there. Hecklers may just randomly guess an effect by...
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    What to do?

    I would disagree because the heckling would've happened first. If a heckler is present, he will heckle irregardless of your performance style.
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    How to make a magician mad in 4 words.

    'Now do the trick' After someone has performed. :cool:
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    What to do?

    It's not always the case that your performance was lacking. I remember one time I performed for a group of people, I forgot what the trick was - but that one guy mentioned going on YouTube, and even though didn't watch tutorial for that specific trick, suspected I did some of the moves from the...
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    The Hypothetically Ideal Gimmick

    A gimmick that is undetectable because of its overabundance of obviousness.
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    Walk around card magic?

    What do you mean?
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    Walk around card magic?

    I like gimmicks and special decks as well. But I don't like opening with those. For all they know, I may not have any real skills and the cards are doing everything. The same decks one may buy from a magic kit at Toys R Us. I'd like them to think I'm great at sleight of hand instead of look...
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    Negative Feedback From People

    I used to perform a tons in High School as well (5 years ago - here is where it began for me as well), so I can kind of relate to your story. You carry a deck of cards with you, because most students do. It's not unusual for students to have a deck handy to play during recess and breaks (and...
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    I'm back

    I'm sorry for this self-absorbed thread, most of you don't care anyway and I'm at work bored. I joined T11 in 2009 - roughly 8 years ago when I was 15 years old. This place has helped me tons into adapting in my new city and new school at the time. I had been into magic before then, but the...
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    Homemade Impression Pad...?!

    So is there anyway where i can learn how to fabricate my own impression pad, where i ask the spec to write something down in a notepad, have them tear the paper out and know what their word is ... I initially thought of using carbon paper but for some reason, i cannot find it anywhere where i...
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    Whats your strongest mentalism effect...?

    Well the title says it all ..
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    I really don't like Criss Angel

    lol this happens to me sometimes too
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    Ultimate "King" Assembly ...

    yeah it was at school in the cafeteria... way too much noise
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