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    Having trouble finding the right deck?

    This is the cardistry forum though lol
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    What is this flourish ?

    Dots work super well
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    How do you say cardistry in different Chinese?

    How do you say cardistry in Chinese? Please also post other languages too if you know them. *different is typo in title*
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    What is this flourish ?

    Don't do either of these things as they will damage your card
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    fontaine fam video reupload

    Does anyone have the video download for fontaine fam as it was taken down do to music copyright.
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    What is this flourish ?

    Try not washing your hands so they become kind of sweaty/sticky. A lot of it is just genetics and how sticky your skin naturally is. Sorry
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    I bought my first deck of cards..why is it so stiff?

    First off, Absinthe has a thicker stock, second they are new so you need to break them in to make them less stiff. You can find tutorials online but simply just use them a lot.
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    i want to make my own deck.

    Contact them here
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    One handed cut name/tutorial?

    What is the name of this cut that Zach Mueller does a lot or where can I find a tutorial? 0:13
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    The Categories of Cardistry

    Judo flip is both a oh cut and fidget move imo
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    i want to make my own deck.

    Send your deck design to USPCC and they will print it for you. The quality will be about the same as bikes. Once you make a couple create a kickstarted page and get funding for 1-5k which will let you control the quality of the cards a bit more.
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    How to avoid dropping packets when doing cuts?

    The noc decks stick together really well (especially the old ones) you might want to try those
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    Post Tutorials Here!

    Lol what was with that slurp at 0:04
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