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    is .thecuso a good place to learn card flourishes?

    WOW, Cuso, this is low. You have one post and the fact that the post is so directed at your advertising campaign is pretty cheap. I am willing to bet my life that this is just Alejandro Portela trying to advertise his little site. So my answer is NO, it is not a good site because it is run by a...
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    Mystery Card Idea

    I second that. I really love this effect Nick. Really clever switch.
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    Nick Ganesh | Triumph

    That sh** is off the chain man. i am amazed at the tricks cleanliness. and YES i would love a tutorial. this is my new favorite triumph.
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    Changing - Nick Ganesh

    That was an amazing performance. SO SMOOTH MAN! I would also like ot learn the double lift.
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    The Sequel

    WOW. all of the effects we3re wicked man, i luv them all. if u dont mind im gonna use the triumoh. i saw a guy on utube do something similar.
  6. D


    woah, if u can do all that as you say you can, then that is a killer effect. the only deciding factors are prob. practicallity and difficulty and obviously if it looks as close to its desc. as possible.
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    With a Kicker

    haha nick , its been a while sice ur last vid. but this is sick man. i need to kno ur so callde "principle great job tho."
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    Damn man, that was some quality stuff right there. Id really want to know how thats done.
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    dat is freakin wicked man. nice work and better than da Venus Trap ( no offence to cris brown)
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    Bay Area?

    crap man, i saw ur vid, but im in fresno :( its really good.
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    My New Website

    I really like the site all i have to say. i agree with wZEnigma.
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    Holy crap, one year!!! dman i am impressed
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    H.o.l.y s.h.i.* That was nice man. u handle thecards like butter.haha
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    sick tricks, sick editing, sick.. evrything. i loved the vid man. The second trick killled props
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    Hey people, I have an interesting question. I was doing magic once and somebody asked my why I did magic. I just said that I enjoyed it and did it as a hobbie. He asked "can you go to college with this stuff?" I was stumped. is this possible to go to college.
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