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  • hehe add me up bro, Mario Echin is the name...haha:D from what Church are you? where do you live? :D
    yow, r u a Christian? add me up in facebook, hehe, God bless... :D
    Just saw your thread on Christian magic. I like the idea, and have been a Christian for a long time. Thought I would offer my 2 cents. Look up a song called "Deck of Cards" i think it is by Tex Ritter. It relates a deck of cards to the Bible. I think that you could develop some ideas from it. Also, I wouldn't do this style of tricks to people if you are not sure of their beliefs. Other than that, glad to hear that you want to spread the word. Good Luck and keep in touch.
    Where do you get your images for Photoshop?

    I'm kind of a beginner in Photoshop, you can see my attempt in my 'Album' on my 'Profile'.
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