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  1. deceptioproverum

    Magician Bank

    Hey guys!!! I came across a great find yesterday! I found an old cast iron magician piggy bank for $15. I dont know much about this except that it is just cool! Does anyone know anything about this or seen one before?
  2. deceptioproverum


    I love how once he found out that the guy didnt have a wallet he sent him searching for one in his pockets knowing that there wasnt one just to get him to pull his cell phone out.
  3. deceptioproverum


    Not magic but an AMAZING illusion that demonstrates misdirection better than anything else. Just follow the instructions on the video :))
  4. deceptioproverum

    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    Heads Tails Heads Heads Tails
  5. deceptioproverum

    Saturday Night Contest - Technomagic 2013

    nope none taken :)) I thought it was funny that you commented about it! :D
  6. deceptioproverum

    Saturday Night Contest - Technomagic 2013

    haha :) look at this :) and this is NOT meant to start a religious argument at all.
  7. deceptioproverum

    Saturday Night Contest - Technomagic 2013

    Heres my entry!!!
  8. deceptioproverum

    Cardists/Magicians in Oklahoma

    I live in Tahlequah, OK! It would be cool to meet up sometime!
  9. deceptioproverum

    Drawing tricks

    Sorry I havent replied yet. I really like that Morgan Strebler effect! You guys have really helped alot! thanx!! Anymore ideas would be great!!
  10. deceptioproverum

    Creativity Game

    I automatically think of alchemy. Combine elements to create substances. Idk I think it would be kinda cool :)
  11. deceptioproverum

    displaying playing cards!

    do you want to make some kind of decoration out of playing cards or do you want to just present the decks in an interestin way?
  12. deceptioproverum

    Drawing tricks

    Hey guys! I am an artist and I wanted to incorporate drawing into my magic. Does anyone know of any good effects out there that are centered around drawing?
  13. deceptioproverum

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    1. 3h, qs, 2h 2. 4c, jc, 6c 3. 2c, js, kd
  14. deceptioproverum

    Magic Performance/Class for elementary school

    Im not sure what the name is but when someone asks me to teach them a card trick I always teach them the trick where the card is selected and placed back in the deck and the magician puts the cards behind his back and turns the selected card upside down without looking. I teach that it is...
  15. deceptioproverum

    End of the World Project

    I downloaded it three times the other day and it said that the file was damaged and could not be repaired. Does anyone know what I can do about that?
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