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  • Hey Dee. Im thinking about getting more into metal bending. Where did you get your ideas for metal bending.
    Hey, I'm attempting to get started in Mentalism and I was wondering if you had any major tips for me. I'm not necessarily looking for advice on what material to buy but more on presentation because I've heard that presentation is a MAJOR part to mentalism.

    No problems man,

    Im happy to pay for car hire etc. I havnt had a real holiday for about 4 years, so pretty keen to make this a good one haha!
    Probably 2-3 Weeks.
    Was going to hire a car (probably a Mustang/Camaro) for the entire time, so probably drive to Vegas.
    Its a pretty expensive trip, so thought i would make the most of it haha
    Any word about the hotels yet?

    Ive looked at getting my passport, and booking my flights asap.

    You keen to stay a bit longer or will you just be heading over for a few days?

    I think I will be heading to Vegas after and catching up with Katie and Chris etc.
    hi how are things with cards with you , so how do you use films to help with in your card magic.
    Dee, I thought I'd let you know that you are becoming one of my favourite modern magicians.
    I was wondering if you'd class any of your spoon bending tehniques as geek or not.


    Hey Dee,

    Can you please tell me if you sell any Geek magic?

    I live in the UK and have a Freak Show to perform at on sunday.

    Sorry if its a bit late notice!


    Dee i got 23:23 a while ago and i must say props on the Turnover man you cheeky little mofo its awesome! Straight into my repertoire man and it kills. I really liked the effects in the book. Altered was great i've been talking to Chris about that for a while.

    Hopefully i will get a review up of this awesome product man.

    Great Job!

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