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  • Hey, this is that wolf guy. :p Just shortened my name from Keosilver to Keo. ^^
    Hahaha yeah, most definetly, I was just watching your kitty album. Reminds me of good times man :)
    You posted it there because you are crazy :p I got to meet Ed Solomon. Didn't even realize he lived here in San Antonio. Hell I am finding so many different people here in SA. Probably one of my best moves to show up at the lectures. Bummer to hear about the IBM I have to contact Mike to see what's what about that. I don't know why I thought this week was the meeting haha! Forgot there was a bit of frost on the road. It was gone by like eleven though, I had to work friday morning and got there perfectly fine. Though I did a fair bit more sliding then then actual driving lol.
    LOLOL, I had a feeling B would do something like that haha. Now I really wish I got to go haha! Specially since I kind of backed up Justin heh. But that is cool, maybe in the upcoming days you will have to show me them. There is a meeting at La Madeline this week right?
    I know man! I was bummed I missed B and Justin's lecture at the hotel I bet it was AWESOME! also I think they'd be able to draw a duck for ya haha!
    "The Veteran Cynical Prick Society Of Theory11." Hahahaha, hell yeah!!! let's do it man :).

    P.S It's nice to see you still around.
    WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN MAAAAAN! Im kidding, just passing by to say hi, I have been a lot mor active on the forums these last couple of days. jesus, I really miss the old good days with you and the guys.
    So, who is the artist(s) behind 'FIVE'?!

    Hey, I signed your petition, the least you can do is tell me! :p ;) Lol
    Was there a date change? I got there ten minutes early and the guy at the counter said that it was scheduled some other day.

    DOYE I am retarded its only wednseday.
    Yesh, I has car now so I can drive there. I will try to make it to see what it's all about then possibly by the next one have money to pay for a membership.
    To be honest, he kind of creeped me out. He posted a visitor message saying "hello child" so I'm not favor of him. An explanation would be nice.
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