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    Saturday Night Contest - Not Magic, But Magical

    This is going to be great! I'm excited to post mine.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Andrei - 45 Patrick - 50
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    I want to be able to get over all the problems I sadly created for myself in 2011 and just have a better year in which I hopefully won't create another more difficult year for myself and my family and friends.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Merry Christmas 2011!

    Awe man I just missed the deadline...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Merry Christmas 2011!

    SNC Entry Heres my entry. Notice the theory11 logo is made out of a cut up playing card and put together like a mosaic. All of this is glued together. Just a little to heavy to put on a christmas tree.
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    wynns or split spades

    Well Wynns are nice however the split spades handle MUCH better. It depends on what you're going to be using them for. I'd get the Wynns if you're flourishing and the Split Spades if your doing like magic or stuff like that. In my opinion I prefer the Split Spades over the Wynn decks. I've never...
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    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    ~FIRST TRY~ Steve Cohen: 15 Patrick Kun: 8 Blake Vogt: 3 Jason England: 4 Michael James: 14 Calen Morelli: 5 Andrei Jikh: 1 Jonathan Bayme: 6 Christen Gerhart: 7 Rick Lax: 2 Dan Sperry: 10 Dan White: 9 Justin “Kredible” Willman: 11 Larry Fong: 12 Robert Smith: 13 ~SECOND TRY~ Steve Cohen: -I...
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    What is your favorite deck?

    Its not random or retarded. I simply wanted to see what the most common favorite deck is among the community. So i'm collecting information. Kinda like a poll to determine the most favored deck. I didn't say it in my post but ive been curious about it for a while.
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    What is your favorite deck?

    Hey guys! Lets see what everyone's currently favorite deck is. For example my favorite deck right now is the v6 deck by D&D.
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    Look what appeared at my door today!

    I agree with your thought however at the same time i'm not the type of person who posts every new thing I purchase. Now I am going to post a review but for now I just wanted to show that the Monarch decks should start arriving to people very soon if not already. And I don't appreciate the...
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    Look what appeared at my door today!

    Ok guys. The most amazing thing showed up today at my door. It's an item that is worth it's weight in gold. It is...the awesome new Monarch decks! My brick arrived and they...are...AMAZING!! Few downfalls here and there but they are great cards. Heres a picture I took just for the fun of it...
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    Propaganda Deck

    I know that you can still buy them at for about $25 each.
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    Monarch Uncut Sheets

    YAYYYYYYY!!!! Now THATS going to be a treat to buy!! If the deck is as amazing as people make it sound (Which why wouldn't it be?) the sheet will make a nice collectors item to hang on my wall with my v6 sheets. Thanks for the info!
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    11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

    -An $800 shopping spree on theory11 -A brick of White Centurions -2 of EVERY theory11 deck (In stock and or sold out) -A subscription to Ask Alexander -signed deck of Jerry's Nuggets with signatures from all the theory11 artists
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    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    9 of hearts 6 of clubs
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