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    Do you belong to the WITNESS email session?

    Hey Hey, Is this strictly for those with the Witness DVD? Or, can those with the Thinking Out Loud notes join as well? Thanks, Dave G.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

    JB: 8/ 11 hits Andrei: 7 / 11 hits
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    theory11 roundtable discussion - Dan and Dave Buck

    1) Recently D+M posted a video of him being fooled by G. Do you guys try to fool each other when creating effects or is it more collaborative? 2) You guys have accomplished a lot this last year, what are your current goals regarding magic or flourishing upcoming 3) Outside of working, what...
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    Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

    Hey Thanks praetoritevong, This is definitely helpful and good reminder to practice without doing the actual move. (e.g. If I am picking a card out of my pocket, what does it look like, how do I move may hands, etc if I actually had the card in my pocket and not copped) Dave G.
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    Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

    Cool thanks guys. So just to clarify for the "get ready", it is perfectly acceptable to kind of slide the deck forward back into mechanics grip after card(s) been copped as long as it is natural and relaxed?
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    Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

    Hi guys and gals, Can someone PM me on the gamblers cop specifically on how to get ready for it? I do not own Dangerous, but I do have d+M ONE notes. Without trying to expose, I get the card into cop position and then slide the deck into mechanics grip. From here I am ready to cop off the...
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    Media Section Issue

    Yes this is still happening to me too. When I click on the media link on the NAV bar I get the 404 error. When I click on a video from the favorites on the home page I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view it. I believe this problem is happening with IE7 only and NOT with any other...
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    Daniel Madison One Notes Help!

    Yeah, this vid helped me out too as I was struggling a little with the move. It seems like you need to angle the card flat so the spec has a view of just the top of the cards since I did see little flash in that video. As a side, does anyone do cameo part 3? I would love to see that one...
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    Tivo 2.0 Advice?

    Pulling card from center out Can I PM someone about this? Also had a question on the general angle that this trick should be performed. Thanks.
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