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    Michael Kras Does a GOAT

    I do think the pass needs to be smooth, rather than just fast. Speed is not deceptive on it's own. Nice idea for the trick though, not a huge fan of the patter but at least it's there and a beautifully executed goat.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    Was it the "If anybody asks..." bit?
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    Why Hofzinser Ain't Around

    Bit more energy wouldn't go amiss as has been said but it's a nice idea. Watch out for that step though, it sticks out like a sore thumb.
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    Key cards..

    There's also the "floating" key used by John Bannon brilliantly and Ben Earl as well.
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    What's your reason for performing card magic ?

    Because I enjoy it, they're light and easy to carry and there are many possibilities with cards. There is also a huge amount of material that teaches many a card trick/technique/oddity.
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    Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

    I've been using these lately: Biddle, Club Sandwich, Easy Ace Estimation and Dr Daley's Last Trick - pretty much every performance. Lorayne's Colour Assembly, Repro Retro and some Clipshift stuff when more is needed.
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    Very enjoyable.
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    Old move that we do not use!

    We all use sleights created decades ago and maybe re-invigorated by other magicians. Most of the stuff we know is from RRTCM or ECT.
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    A very simple one for one switch

    A lovely little move actually.
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    Applications for the Undercover Switch

    Anything Kostya has put out deserves to be read and studied. This no less.
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    Suspension of Disbelief

    Laziness...simple as that. People don't want to put time and effort into presenting something considering it's much easier to just show them an open second deal and then "fry them with that blood on the wrist trick!"
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    New Invention - Need Your Opinion

    I've done a similar trick before except i simply have a spec "see" a card in the deck, i then bring out an envelope, tell the spec to go through the deck to find their card, it's obviously not there because now it' the envelope! Same thing by the sound of it but the envelope provides an...
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    The 13th Hour Challenge

    Could one twist the theme into "piracy" as a joke and present it more in that direction? As in downloads and whatnot. Although there is much more historical value in traditional pirates, it would be tough to present properly to a mostly adult audience. I would don a suit with an eye patch and...
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    Cheng's Change +

    Looks great
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