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  1. dimerBAX

    Lefties help?

    I am left handed too, but I learn all flourishes same as right handed cardists and I have no problems...maybe I am damaged
  2. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    Head tails tails tails tails
  3. dimerBAX


    Hi everybody, please watch and comment my new video, thank you :-)
  4. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - Time to Race

    23,33 - 26,78 - 29,05
  5. dimerBAX

    Lumos - Tutorial

    nice, spin it!
  6. dimerBAX

    my second cardistry video

    please tell me, what I have to improve to get my videos to Media section??
  7. dimerBAX

    my second cardistry video

    thank you :) slowmotion was made in SonyVeags 11 (use right mouse button on the clip and then choose Velocity) and yes you're right that Intro should be shorter next time
  8. dimerBAX

    my second cardistry video

    Hi guys, please watch and comment video below, thank for all advices! :-)
  9. dimerBAX


    Hi everybody, please watch and comment my first cardistry video :) thank you very much!
  10. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - Fact or Fiction (Dimitri)

    1. True 2. FALSE 3. False 4. TALSE 5. False 6. FALSE 7. True 8. False 9. True 10. False 11. True
  11. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 7 of clubs White: 2 of hearts Blue: king of spades Red: jack of diamonds White: ace of spades Blue: 5 of clubs
  12. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    8 cards in the box
  13. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Andrei with 95 push ups // Patrick Kun with 51 push ups
  14. dimerBAX

    Saturday Night Contest: Le Sequence

    The first card Michael pulled out was the two of hearts, and the second card he pulled out was the two of diamonds.
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