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    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    (1) F.E.T.C.H(Fan Enumerate The Cut Handling) (2) Around The Corner (3) What's you think?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    Ace of Spades, King of Hearts, Two of Hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 4 of Hearts White: 4 of Hearts Blue: 4 of Hearts Red: 4 of Hearts White: 4 of diamonds Blue: 6 of Spades
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    Wow! Smoke & Mirrors v.1 Back in Stock!

    Me too~~~ Find out SM V1 is Victoria Pad
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Christen & Rob!

    To Christen: Do you think lady got more superiority to success in magic? I find out more big client like female magician more than male , they allow female magician to make mistake in show , but for male , they will blame directly. What do you think? To Rob: Any project working with Theory11?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    9 of clubs , 5 of diamonds , Queen of diamonds.
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

    Will 1 on 1 be cancel after the wire release? Because both are similar.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1. Dog 2. Lion 3. Angry bird
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    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    Hi , Michael 1) Do you think flourish only can impress people through video? Because most of flourisher that I meet , they only can do nice flourish in the video(using edit) , but when in live , they mess up all the time. 2) Any advise for shooting flourish video? I know you are good in...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Learn. Share. Collaborate.

    I start magic from a magic book bought at bookshop in1998. That time , I don't know Penguin Magic and Ellusionist. Thanks to internet , I find a mandarin forum with magic section in china. Someone nickname "Huo Wa" share the basic card magic sleight of hand in the forum , he also film the way...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    red - 8 of club white - 6 of spades blue - nine of heart
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    Do you will organizer EMC Magic Competition at future? EMC will go LIVE for magician gathering at Future? Thanks
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    Anaconda DVD Available Again!

    The Virts raised 10751USD until today. 10 days to go , hope everyone can involve to help Japan.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    1) Your name very special,like warlock . is it your Dad and Mom want you become Magician, so give you this special name? 2) Do you perform stage magic with REF4M? If yes , are you using Jumbo card? 3) What trick will be release at future by you? Thanks
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