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    Great, Cheap Cards

    they are just arrco steamlines in a different box
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    Flash Paper

    its good to add a "magic moment" for the spectator it also has misdirection when producing stuff as the flash kinda surprises the spectator.
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    Totally Out of Control DVD - what happened?

    i have the book its just a dvd would be good to get the finer points and maybe some new insights as the book is quite old now
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    Totally Out of Control DVD - what happened?

    um it was announced then nothing what happened?
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    Magic club @ uni

    how does it work do you just meet up and jam?
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    Magic club @ uni

    hi i just started uni (deakin uni melbourne australia) and it doesn't have a magic club I was wondering if many other unis have a magic club and if its worth trying to create a club thanks
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    Australia - Melbourne Magic Shops?

    theres another shop called bernards but its no where near as good as the south bank one as everything is overpriced
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    Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher

    i dunno get it i thought Fisher was a artist here yet he is releasing a DVD on Ellusionist? guys get the book it has alot more stuff in it including this trick and of all the tricks in the book its the easiest to follow and the one i would have least wanted a video tutorial off. It is still a...
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    theory11 news bulletin 09/10/08 : Special Presentation

    its all a scam as eveyone knows the world is gunna end today
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    Paperclipped HELP

    what patter are you using and are you ettin them to sign it
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    Bill Malone

    lol the video hilarious its good to see Ammar using the ammar facts. That road runner cull looks F$%&ing amazing
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    The Flourish Shuffle by a Chinese

    really liked that everything seemed to performed really well. what cards are those?
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    DnD's New Website & The Vault

    lol beat me to it man looks like DnD disappoint again :(
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    Australia's Superday T11 Meet

    i saw a kangaroo about a month ago jump across the road. Anywho if it was in Mlebourne i would be in but with a flight plus the $300 doesn't look like it sorry
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    DnD's New Website & The Vault

    nah its back to surfaced page
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