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  • I was commenting on your signature about rap. I have a couple RHCP albums, good stuff. I'm not a rap fan at all except for Rage Against the Machine.
    Yo Dylan! How are you, anyway? I really appreciate that you've contacted me for this, as I was kind of afraid they won't come back in the end. I can't wait for the new album, or a concert in Europe, perhaps. Damn, they're good.

    Have fun!

    You might want to check the forums on your website. You have a few things that aren't exactly "magic related." My eyes hurt.
    for gave but this came to my mind and i no that i had to put in a message well as u no u lot have not see me doing some of my magic yet . ok y is that then well i read a lot in the magic past and to get the best i can get so i can come up with new tricks for u lot and one your son will do like some of the tricks i have in mind . well i got book to day the ascanio spread by jon racherbaumer/ 1978 well with just the 1st one / aces culebreates i have come up with about out 12 . now what i got to do is put pen to pad.
    WE SEE BOOK THAT we by but we not use the mind we have or do we use the past for new one to come up with new thing that is so old , so what do like about rick thomas magic and y u love daryl's card revelatons. ps have to and be happy with things u have lost by jay sankey is best that i can see at this time.
    I loved the ending of chapter 3. I really like how you release each segment every friday. Gives me something else to look forward to besides a 1 - on - 1 all the time. Keep up with the awesome work!
    Just finished reading Chapter 2. Man, I love this story. Can't wait until friday!
    I read your Magic Chapter 1 - PREMIERE story earlier, and loved it! I definitely look forward to the next part!
    I have Greatest Hits, but other two are new to me. I will try my best to find them.
    I just love how full their music is. Not just sound, but the lyrics. Emotions, expressions of themselves, their problems, happy moments. It's just a blast altogether.

    I also extremely like their non "main" songs. Like the one that aren't on CDs. Offtracks perhaps? Youtube Eskimo girl and go on from there :).

    See you in future ^^

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