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    New to cardistry

    There's a playlist I found on youtube that has over 500 tutorials. it's got some good stuff. But I also agree with Bryant. Perfect what you know
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    Saturday Night Contest - W:H Creative Challenge

    The new white gold monarchs have a new seal. So no. Theyve never been released. And can we use a piece of paper?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Into the Wind

    how many entries are we allowed to have?
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    Help Us Stop Magic Piracy
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    Saturday Night Contest - Around the World

    Literally ANY deck?
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    cardistry for the intermediate flourisher?

    If those are your most advanced moves, then you aren't an intermediate flourisher. Sorry to be blunt. I can do Cylinder and sequences like Madonna but I'm still far from what intermediate is. What I'm saying is, you and I are beginners.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Final Four

    Florida 78 - 76
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Special

    You can't really take a picture of an idea, so I took a picture of something that best captures that idea. These two rings are my life. They are what I live for. They are the promise and commitment I made with my soul-mate. I know I'm young and naive, but I can't imagine myself with anyone else...
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Andrei Jikh Zach Mueller Andy Nyman
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    Saturday Night Contest - Master of Deception

    That was Really good.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Master of Deception

    That was really good.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl XLVIII

    31-27 Broncos 24-21Setbacks
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    What to add to my card repertoire?

    Considering this forum is about card magic where you talk about cards, that wouldn't make much sense now would it?
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    How about some Purple Monarchs?

    Guys how about seeing some Royal Purple Monarchs? I mean I have no problems with any of the other Monarchs. NONE. But whats more of a royal color than Royal Purple? I mean Monarchs whole idea is cards fit for royalty. So that color seems very fitting. I'm almost 100% positive that this color has...
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    Trick Idea for Fontaine Playing Cards

    Hey sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been really busy. So to be honest this is only an idea and I don't have a deck able to use the Vintage Holdout. So have the blank card on top of the deck, have a spectator pick a card and control the card under the blank card, then put the deck...
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