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    What do you think?

    Arguably the worst performance of anything..ever.
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    Two Cards?

    Hey does anybody know any really good routines that use two selections. Like not just one card routines that can be applied to two cards, but really good two card routines that are justified and flushed out. if u get what im saying? thanks.
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    Thanks.u did a quite a bit of lapping at ur workshop yesterday at the castle. :)
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    Hi there does anybody know any good sources for card lapping (aka ditching a card onto your lap)?? Thanks
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    Changing - Nick Ganesh

    Goddamn Man.. I really love to see your stuff.. and i like how u dont just like upload vids every freaking day. (*hint hint*) ukno who u are. Great stuf and really smooth.
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    The Sequel

    That SUCKED! joking aside, that was unbelievable. The tricks were really nice and I really like the triumph routine. Anyways the only thing I can comment on is that The cropping was a bit sporatic.
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    Without Performing?

    ah isee but what really does a consultatn do?
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    Without Performing?

    thanks for the halp guys, im assuming a magic consultant is like a dan white or chris kenner that consults majorly and also produced dvd's and books, etc. on the side. can u make a decent living likke this. i mean i saw chris kenners house in the vids. and its freaking nice.!
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    Without Performing?

    ok i was thinking something along the lines of DVD's and such because I have a lot of great material.
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    Without Performing?

    yea man thanks i get what u mean, but i am leagally dumb..meaning i have a problem with my vocal chords.
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    Without Performing?

    Hey, is it possible for a magician to make a living without performing. like how do people that dont work at restaurants and bars and stuff, like paul harris and billl goodwin or whoever make their living. is it non-card related.?
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    I think I have jsut lost my vision. AMAZING.
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    Subtle Concepts DVD questions

    Hey look man, We, or atleast I know that you are the actual creator of this DVD but you are posing as a random magician. Just show us the new trailer that you posted and get on with yourseld. The trailer that you guysr released iss very good and if you just act normally I garuntee people...
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    Bay Area?

    Hey man, I am in San Jose man, where r u specifically??
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    My New Website

    Hey man, I really like the website and I was wondring how you designed it? thx man
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